The Georg Jensen Christmas collection 2019 with a few thoughts on my personal approach to seasonal decoration.

The Georg Jensen Christmas collection 2019 with a few thoughts on my personal approach to seasonal decoration.

AD – paid in collaboration with Georg Jensen for their stunning Christmas Collection 2019 by Sanne Lund Traberg

When it comes to Christmas I must admit I shy away from filling the house with decorations. It’s too much fuss/clutter for me, I agonise over most items I buy and have a aversion to ‘themes’. SO it’s a difficult one to wrap my head around but one I do consider carefully! Another concern is that there’s A LOT of waste this time of year which fills me with sadness. Not very eco friendly that’s for sure! I’m no Scrooge, I promise. I simply don’t like being forced to decorate my home at haste, in a particular theme or in any way that would encourage throw away culture. But all is not lost! It can be done quite beautifully and in a way to suit my ethos and style. The magic words, timeless design, made to last products, simplicity and nature.
In terms of Christmas decorations, less is more. I want each decoration to have meaning, to remind me of someone/something special. They could even be handmade or loved enough that I’d want pass on to family member. In essence when purchasing or making Christmas decorations I like to approach it the same way as I would any home product. With agonising scrutiny, long discussions, tears and debates. haha, I jest (but also it’s somewhat true). Careful consideration is key.

My personal connection with Georg Jensen Christmas Collectibles

I have a particular fond memory of Georg Jensen Christmas collectibles. Every Christmas growing up was a very special Christmas. I celebrated the Danish way, on Christmas Eve. The entire family would go to my Mormor’s house (Danish Grandma Kirsten or Kiss for short) . She would host the entire thing and some years cooking for 19 people. Her house and then later bungalow would always be decorated with Danish decorations, in particular my Mormor would collect Georg Jensen collectibles. She would buy one to mark the year, her choice of decorations were often golds and reds. I remember gazing on a stack of Georg Jensen decorations that came in presentation cases and thinking how incredibly special they were. I mean they had presentation cases! Each one was a different design and had the year engraved. My favourites were the pig from 2003 or the Star from 1987. Mormor, Kiss, would select a few and pin them to the ceiling with Georg Jensen’s bright red ribbon. The warm Christmas light would bounce from shiny gold surfaces. So when I see the Georg Jensen Christmas collectibles today, my heart fills with warm memories of my very Danish Mormor and her love for traditional design from her motherland.

Georg Jensen Christmas Collection 2019 by Sanne Lund Traberg
Georg Jensen Christmas 2019
“The Christmas collection 2019 is designed by Sanne Lund Traberg, who has worked with Georg Jensen for many years, and for this collection she has been inspired by the graphic lines and shapes of cubism and art deco period. Her designs are both modern and timeless.”

Christmas Ball | Star | Christmas Bell |  2019 Christmas Mobile Heart | Christmas Tree | Christmas Heart

For this year’s collectibles I’ve selected some of my favourites. I am a big fan of cooler metals, unlike the warm golden style that Mormor so confidently chose. There’s a choice of warm 18-karat gold or the cooler palladium style. Are you a warm metal or cool metal person?

The  2019 Christmas Mobile Heart made from brass coated with Palladium is my absolute favourite. This is the one I’d like to see added to my family’s collection. The art deco and graphic shapes of the heart are beautifully simple and timeless. Which may now be my favourite year (taking over 2003’s pig).
To keep with the sustainability angle and what makes these decorations even more special is that they are made in Denmark (Hjørring). The smaller the carbon footprint the better.

A natural Christmas
Decorate your own way

Back to me being a scrooge. I don’t buy Christmas trees. I’m not really into the whole mass scale decorative deforestation during an intensely short period of time. I’m sure there are lots of sustainable forests out there but personally I’d prefer pruning trees and foraging for fallen branches. Potted trees and sustainably managed forests are the way to go if you do want a tree. So this comes with no judgement, it’s purely my personal choice. I think the important message here is to not let a seasonal holiday steer you away from your integrity. This goes for decorations too. Choosing fewer items with a focus on the product life, design, craftsmanship and longevity. Like Kiss, but on a much more restrained way, I only buy one or two decorations each year. What could be nicer than owning a simple stylish and timeless decoration that you can look fondly on each year? The remaining decorations I choose are either what I have kept over the years or gathered from nature.

A minimal Christmas
The Georg Jensen Christmas collection 2019

The beautiful bright ribbons that come with these decorations from the Georg Jensen collection are safely stored. I chose not to use them this year as I’ve gone with dried grasses instead. I think it creates a humbling contrast to the highly polished finish that is a beautifully characteristic of Georg Jensen’s designs. But the ribbons are MUCH more practical and luxurious. The small heart and stars come with a simple chain, almost like a piece of jewellery.

A peaceful desk moment
The Georg Jensen Christmas collection 2019 with a few thoughts on my personal approach to seasonal decoration.
GJ 2019 Christmas
A natural and stylish Christmas bouquet with Georg Jensen 2019
The Euro 2019 heart decoration Georg Jensen

Whatever your Christmas style, consider the design and longevity of the decorations. It will make decorating feel much more personal.

Merry Christmas and God Jul to you all.

H x

Georg Jensen Christmas collection 2019


  • Reply Nicole November 14, 2019 at 5:44 pm

    Love your photos.. the Georg Jensen ornaments are lovely…simple and tasteful. I just bought some to add as gift tags. By the way I also LOVE the sculptures in your photos, they work beautifully with the cool metal ornaments.

  • Reply Melafrique December 19, 2019 at 9:05 pm

    Beautiful and classic

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