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Yonobi pottery classes – part one

Yonobi pottery classes - Copenhagen

ad – in collaboration with Yonobi who have kindly gifted me the wheel throwing course

If you could choose one artistic/crafts medium what would it be? Mine without hesitation is clay. I have adored pottery and ceramics since my university days where in fact I have a Bachelor of Arts degree (decorative arts, specialising in ceramics). Though I have never set up my own studio, I’ve attended evening classes, make a few pieces at home all in the attempts to keep ceramics part of my life.
It always keeps me calm and part of my re-assessing my business (for the 10000th time) I am making sure that ceramics is part of it, somehow. You may have seen my sculpture figures over in instagram and I look forward to do more. One thing I know is that when I’m in the design world I miss ceramics and when I’m doing ceramics I miss design. So I need them both. Why did I ever think I had to choose between the two, just do both!

Now, first of all you must know that to be a true master craftsman it can take years, even a lifetime. But learning the basic skills is fundamentally the more important thing to do. That and practice, make, make and make again. One thing that I never learnt the skills of was throwing on the wheel. My skills are in slip casting, hand building (kinda freeform, not so technical but fun) and sculpture. I have always wanted to know how to throw a pot. I’ve played around but never has anyone sat with me and taught me the core skills.

Wheel throwing classes at Yōnobi
Yonobi pottery classes - part one

Yōnobi studios host pottery classes at their location in Ny Kongensgade (near Tivoli). From wheel throwing classes, sculpture and modelling classes to wood fire raku classes (wow this is new and I need to sign up!). It’s a beautiful space and I’ve decided to sign up to their day wheel throwing course, taught by Maj Kjærsig, who seems super cool.

Yonobi pottery classes - day wheel throwing class
Yonobi pottery classes - part one
Yonobi pottery classes - part one

Never under value the importance of learning a new skill. In most cases this won’t become a career but please understand that not all skills have to be made into work but if they do then ok cool. It can purely be a pleasure. Imagine that. learning for fun.

Yonobi studios
Yonobi pottery classes - pottery classes copenhagen
Yonobi pottery classes - part one

I will document my progress, Remember, although I’ve very familiar with clay, wheel throwing is new to me. I am a newb.

H x


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    I haven’t done any pottery for years but i still remember how therapeutic and relaxing it was. Not only that but it is so rewarding when you have created something beautiful from just a lump of clay!

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