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Nordic neighbours – Inspired by Berlin with SCHOTT CERAN® and SisterMAG

Nordic neighbours - Inspired by Berlin with Sister Mag + Schott Ceran

My work is largely based on Scandinavian design and minimalism. However simplicity and great design go beyond these Nordic boarders. I often search for inspiration while travelling, discovering art, architecture, culture and international designers.

SCHOTT CERAN® organised the Berlin event to share their six major trends that will affect future cooking and appliances.  They have titled this FUSICS, with each letter representing a major trend. Function, Urbanisation, Sustainability, Illumination, Connectivity, Social experience. During my visit SCHOTT CERAN® and SisterMAG partnered up with local businesses to help share what is developing socially, in design technology and creativity. All with FUSICS in mind.

Press trips are sometimes difficult to share via a blog post, they can be boastful and boring. Instead, I will share thoughts and inspiration from each aspect of the trip.

This introduction to Berlin highlighted a great level of sustainability within German design and Berlin’s independent companies. Something that I am passionate about in design. I’ve been a long admirer of German design, non more inspirational than the Bauhaus movement. Though with my move to Copenhagen I’ve become unaware of the current scene in Germany.

Nordic neighbours - Inspired by Berlin with Sister Mag + Schott Ceran

‘Up and coming’ areas of Berlin

On a walk through Wedding, an ‘up and coming’ neighbourhood in Berlin, we were shown this beautiful allotment. A statement “still not gentrification” graffitied on the wall of the building facing the social allotment space was definitely thought provoking. This allotment serves both rented and also free raised beds. Attracting locals to step away from the city chaos and get gardening. I couldn’t help thinking that even though this was a honourable cause to bring the locals together, it may also attract the hipsters. In turn gentrifying the area much to the protest of the graffiti.

That said. Local communities need inclusive and collaborative places like this. With hope that it can keep the soul of the neighbourhood.

Moving on from the walk around the local ‘up and coming’  (maybe soon to be gentrified) area,  we discovered local artists, the studio of Jakob Roepke (featured in at the top of this post). It’s always incredibly inspirational to see artist studio spaces such as Jakob’s. Creativity in both the arts and communal spaces helps communities and neighbourhoods thrive. I wonder how this area of Wedding, Berlin, will change once the hipsters find out…..

Nordic neighbours - Inspired by Berlin with Sister Mag + Schott Ceran


A buzz word that gets my attention and a subject that is very high on people’s mind, especially in Scandinavia.

Local Berlin company Markt Halle Neun supplied the food for lunch, explaining how they work towards “The resettlement of the small-scale food retail’.  With the emphasis on a different kind of shopping ‘in the respectful treatment of humans, animals and the environment, regional and seasonal – emphasised, combined with local added value, transparent and trusting.”

From the earth to the plate, each process, person and animal involved is respected and valued. And yes this may be the new ‘hipster‘ thing to do. However a consciousness of what we consume and the processes going into it is something that needs to be brought to our attention.

Nordic neighbours - Inspired by Berlin with Sister Mag + Schott Ceran

The floating bouquet of locally sourced grasses, styling is utterly stunning and is becoming the hip way to style a table. floral styling by Botanic Art. (I’m quite aware that I’ve said hip, hipster far too many times… I’ll continue)

Nordic neighbours - Inspired by Berlin with Sister Mag + Schott Ceran


What I love about the design community is the wiliness to share creativity and help others improve their skills. I don’t know many other industries that are as kind as the design world. I discussed a few things that I’d like to improve with my photography and food styling. Photographer Cristopher Santos helped with a few great tips and I learnt how to control the 17mm Olympus Pen lens that I’ve been struggling with. Food stylist Audrey Cosson was also on hand too for help (great advice!) .

I was paired with food stylist  Jeanny Horstmann  and we created these appetising shots. Working with a stylist (even for 20 minutes) that has a different skill set to you is a great way to develop your skills. I encourage anyone wanting to increase their creativity skills to get together and share their knowledge. I may have only taken away a small number of tips but I have increased my skillset, which is invaluable. Thank you

Nordic neighbours - Inspired by Berlin with Sister Mag + Schott Ceran

Sister Mag, Berlin event - photo by Saskia Bauermeister

I’m never to keen on being in front of the camera but here I am. Snapping with my Olympus Pen. Image courtesty of Saskia Bauermeister

Nordic neighbours - Inspired by Berlin with Sister Mag + Schott CeranNordic neighbours - Inspired by Berlin with Sister Mag + Schott Ceran

Design development. 

The main partner to this press tour was SCHOTT CERAN®. Admittedly I had not heard of the company before and unknowingly I use their products daily. SCHOTT CERAN® are the manufacturers of glass-ceramic induction cook-tops. They provide glass-ceramic to MANY companies such as Grundig, Siemens and Miele. I have a Siemens induction hob what a coincidence! 

I’m fascinated by the development of materials, inventions and Scott Ceran showed me that they are always looking to the future, inventing and exploring design, In fact they were the first ever company to develop this glass ceramic technology. Their materials were used in space as a mirror substrate for use in space telescopes because of its heat resistant qualities. Pretty cool!

Touching on the theme of sustainability, induction technology is incredibly energy efficient and of great importance to this company.

We place great importance on acting sustainably and really take this seriously. As a company that is owned by a foundation, social responsibility is anchored in our statute. But our work is not only aimed at maximizing profit. We follow a vision: offering innovations that make people’s lives safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable. This is why we are so committed to the environment and to social responsibility. We also support the sciences and take care of our employees and their families.” –  SCHOTT CERAN®

I was introduced to the three companies mentioned above at the IFA fair in Berlin. Discovering a wide range of development ideas from marble tops becoming a new induction surface to cook from. Various light controls, interactive options (recipes, shopping etc), voice activation and smart technology. It may be hard to imagine how an induction top can be inspiring but when companies such as Schott Ceran push the boundaries of design it’s extremely exciting. I’m excited to see this intelligent design developing to the home.

Nordic neighbours - Inspired by Berlin with Sister Mag + Schott CeranNordic neighbours - Inspired by Berlin with Sister Mag + Schott Ceran

Three key points to take away from this trip. Sustainability, supporting local businesses and design development. I’m inspired, are you?

H x

*Sponsored. This post was written in collaboration with SCHOTT CERAN® and SisterMAG. All words and thoughts are my own. 

Photography © Hannah Trickett/Hannah in the house (or otherwise stated) 

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