Ferm Living Shell pot – sculptural lines and shadows

Ferm Living Shell pot - sculptural lines and shadows

ad – written in collaboration with Ferm Living who make beautiful products. Creating a space to feel comfortably you and how the Ferm living shell pot had caught my eye.

Sculptures and art pieces can soften a space within the home and make you feel more connected to it. I like to mix items from handmade, vintage and designed to reflect my own style and personality. Though you might think I have very little on display, what I do choose to have out is what I love. Recently I’ve been drawn to sculptures after being part of a sculpture class myself.

There’s something quite intriguing and pleasing about the natural form of a shell. The Fibonacci sequence we so often see in nature first comes to mind and maybe that’s why this shape feels so familiar and welcoming.

The new Ferm living shell pot brings an essence of soft minimalism and sculptural shapes. The soft mat glaze on the outside of the shell lends itself to absorb the light which in turn creating shadows from the ridged texture. It’s both dramatic and yet peaceful.

Ferm Living Shell pot - sculptural lines and shadows
Ferm Living Shell pot - sculptural lines and shadows

I’ll keep moving it around the house as I do with anything displayed. A beautifully textured sculpture to soften and home.

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