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A Danish lifestyle upgrade with a new minimalist bike from BIKEID

A Swedish minimalist bike, BIKEID. Step through 7

ad – this is written in collaboration with BIKEID, all photography, words and thoughts are my own. Images in mood board are from BIKEID

A friend once said to me that I needed a bike to suit my home interiors style, which my english bike could not be more different. A dark brown lady shopper bike with green flowers, broken mud guards, clunky gears and broken basket. Ha, that’s totally representative of how I was feeling last year! Knackered. So after 9 years I finally decided it was time for an upgrade. Yes, the minimalist in me had to wait 9 years until I can justify a new bike. My rusty, rattling english shopper bike will still be in use as a spare for guests.

Now that I truly understand the necessity and joy of riding a bike around Copenhagen daily, I knew it was time to upgrade. Plus I heard the crazy rumour that a new bike will be easier to ride than and rusty old one. huh who would have thought….

As for style, I knew that my new bike needed to be clean and simple. Fit for purpose, good quality, made to last and nothing flashy. Basically applying all of my interior design product buying values into transportation.

choosing the bike

After a lot of research I fell in love with BIKEID. My favourite fashion brands (among very few I like), Filippa K, collaborated with BIKEID last year which immediately caught my attention.
The bike I chose from BIKEID was not the Filippa K collab (that’s not available anymore) I’m ok with that. What I did choose is actually more perfect for me as it has very little branding on it. I don’t like to be a walking billboard. This is the Step Through 7 speed bike in Pale beige. dreamy yeh?!

A Danish lifestyle upgrade with a new minimalist bike from BIKEID
Step through 7 Pale beige – BIKEID
A Swedish minimalist bike, BIKEID. Step through 7

FrameHi-ten steel with internal housing and integrated seat tube clamp, rust proof coating. I did a bit of research on hi- ten steel. It means Hi – tensile steel, not the highest grade steel but not poor too. It probably wouldn’t be ideal for speed racing but that’s not what this bike is designed for. The purpose is city cycling and medium distances. It’s actually perfectly balanced and the right weight. It’s what you do with the material that counts and BIKEID have made it work perfectly. On the whole I think it’s great quality.

Colour – Pale Beige. Because it tones in with the colours of my home. Other colours available including fully chrome.

Basket. highly polished stainless steel

Grips. BIKEID leather grips with cork plugs. Such a beautiful detail

Fenders/mudguards – Stainless steel

Saddle – Brookes B67S. I was sceptical about this as I’ve got a big bum and I’m used to a large padded gel seat. This is moulded leather saddle with springs as suspension. In all honesty it probably took me a week to get used to it. The springs are so clever and by adjusting the seat to the right angle and height it’s actually very comfortable. I’m converted.

Bell – Japanese high end bell from Crane Japan. so much fun and much needed when getting tourists out of the bike lanes.

BrakesLeft handle bar lever controls the Tektro V-brake on the front wheel. The rear brake is a Coaster brake/Foot brake. I haven’t owned a bike with a coaster brake before but I have tried them out. They make so much sense for city cycling. It’s gentler to roll to a stop at the traffic lights and in a city there’s lots of stopping at lights.

Scandinavian summer bike ride, A . Step through 7 BIKEID
first impressions

The first trials runs are complete and I must say this bike is fast! The gears can really help bring up the speed for those longer stretches. Which for me, makes getting to the beach much easier and quicker ( before it was quite a slog). Like I mentioned the brakes are coaster foot brakes and I’m really like them but I did have a few moments when I peddled backwards without meaning to and the bike halted to a stop! It’s a matter of getting used to it. This come in very handy for my commutes into the city.

In conclusion, it’s a speedy little bike and beautifully minimal. I can’t wait for more adventures. Now I need to up my fashion style to match the bike! Maybe something Filippa k?……..

Cycling to the Danish beach in Kastrup
Copenhagen cycling, a simple minimalist bike

Of course this goes without saying, here’s to more Danish adventures and a healthier lifestyle.

H x

For more information on the BIKEID Step Through 7 bike visit


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    It’s so pretty! It suits your style (and those beautiful Copenhagen backdrops!) perfectly x

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