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    Scandinavian UK – The Nordic Bakery

    If you can’t make it to Scandinavia don’t fear. I will be sharing the top Scandinavian establishments here in the UK, with design and style of course. Starting with The Nordic Bakery, London’s peaceful Scandinavian style café. I met up with blogger and journalist friend Cate St Hill for a coffee and bite to eat at the newly opened Nordic Bakery in Covent Garden.  What surprised me was how quiet the café was even though there were plenty of people. There was…

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    Skandium supper club with Carl Hansen and iittala

    When Scandinavian design and food come together I’m one happy (greedy) girl . I recently attended an incredible event at the  Carl Hansen & Son showroom for the spring Skandium supper club. The evening was…

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    A hygge feast with Skandium

    Following on from my post about ‘hygge’ I wanted to share the incredibly beautiful evening I had at the Knoll showroom in Clerkenwell. Hosted by Skandium I had the ultimate Scandinavian hygge feast to…

  • Crayfish party

    swedish crayfish party at Fika

    Love crayfish? Then you’d love a crayfish party! Crayfish parties originated in Sweden in the early 1900’s when fishing them was restricted to a few summer months.  Generally held in August the Swedes feast…