Swedish designer Ylva Skarp, a home at Christmas

Ylva Skarp

Swedish designer and calligraphy artist Ylva Skarp shows LANTLIV magazine around her home.

Christmas can be a time where we lose our sense of style and can easily get influenced by filling the home with tat! I always say that a home should reflect the people who live in it, so why shouldn’t the Christmas decorations do that too?! This year I’m kind of in love with sparse but clever seasonal decorating, I don’t  feel the need to cram my home with an unnecessary amount of ornaments, tinsel and clutter (to be honest that makes me feel a little sick). I was refreshingly reassured about my want for minimal Christmas decor when I stumbled on the Swedish article.

Ylva’s home is absolutely stunning, clean and simple but layered enough to feel warm, creative and inviting.  Hopefully you’ll agree when you see the pictures below.

Rustic table with lots of candles, pinecones and twigs

Ylva tips for Advent mood: 

1st Take advantage of what nature has to offer. Small spruce, pine cones, twigs, etc. are great Christmas decorations. 

2nd Batch decorations and decorations instead of spreading them out. It gives a calmer atmosphere. 

3rd Revel in candlelight. It creates the atmosphere in the house. source

A stunning shot, showing how relaxed and cosy this home is.

Tables made from old pallets, simple paper trees. The calligraphy on the wallhanging and rug warms and softens the room.

Lots of subtle hidden gems within this kitchen create simple styling.

Ylva’s ceramics look beautiful in this setting. A spruce tree twig is used to simply decorate, placed in an old bottle. Large paper stars hang above.

It is a tradition to gather family and friends and have fun of Advent and now, we have plenty of space. We usually invite to craft evenings. It’s fun to make your own Christmas cards, says Ylva. source

Love the tiny bare tree in the corner.

Folded paper craft makes for a lovely gift box.

Craft supplies all within the same colour tone.

Hanging plexiglass calligraphy decorations.


Images and quotes from Lantliv


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