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The Helix Collection – Bernadotte and Kylberg’s timeless range for Georg Jensen

ad – the Helix collection is a paid collaboration with Georg Jensen. Craftsmanship and design I adore.

I realise how spoilt I sound when I say, that most mornings I don’t get out of bed without Stephen making me a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Totally spoilt, I see that and I love it, who wouldn’t?! Alongside this awesome daily routine we both search for the best in coffee beans, preparation and serving. Coffee morning rituals mean a lot to us so we choose each component very carefully.

With that in mind, Georg Jensen loaned a few pieces to me from their up coming Helix Collection by Stockholm based design duo Bernadotte and Kylberg. The five piece stainless steel coffee and tea service set has an elegance and subtle industrial aesthetic that compliments Georg Jensen’s s longstanding craft minimalism and timeless design. The collection consists of Thermos coffee jug, an insulated tea pot, a bon bonnière bowl for sugar or sweets, a small milk jug and serving tray. A great collection to tryout and as I am coffee addict the thermos was my first point of call.

The Helix collection by Bernadotte and Kylberg for Georg Jensen
morning coffee with Georg Jensen, the Helix collection
morning routine, coffee in bed
a minimalist's morning routine, coffee in bed with Georg Jensen

Not only are these pieces beautifully minimal but also carefully designed so that any adornment is part of the function. As a matter of fact, the only ‘adornment’ in this collection is the helix curve on the objects’ lids.

* images as shown above are courtesy of Georg Jensen

Industrial simplicity from Georg Jensen with the new Helix Collection

Equally important as the detailing of the Helix on the lids are the long handles. They’re sleek and very comfortable to use. It makes the pouring quite effortless, to the point of consuming nearly a full jug of coffee! The spout has been so carefully designed and crafted that there are no drips, zero drips! Details like the handle and the spout make or break a design, overall this surpassed my highly critical expectations.

A beautiful collection that with it’s simple silhouette and refined aesthetic will undoubtedly be a timeless classic.

H x

More information on Georg Jensen’s Helix Collection

All Photography/images © Hannah Trickett


  • Reply Cate October 15, 2019 at 9:16 am

    I can attest that you make the best coffee!! Such beautiful photos Hannah! That coffee pot has such an elegant shape x

    • Reply Hannah October 15, 2019 at 9:43 am

      Ha yes! We are a proud coffee snob house, glad you liked it.x Thanks Cate, the thermos jug is such an elegant shape and it’s SO effortless to pour. Very well designed.

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