Stylish living : Changing your living spaces to suit the season

Autumn-headerAs the Autumn nights draw in I get a wave of excitement for cozy nights in on the sofa with the Hansel and the boyfriend of course. Out comes my vac-packed woollen throws, the cushions re-plumped (and maybe a few extra bought) and a glass of wine by candle light.

I’m a firm believer that your home should evolve with you throughout the seasons and years and not act like a soulless show home or museum, which can unfortunately happen. So as you would do with your wardrobe, refresh your home to suit your function, needs and style.

I’ll be taking part in a monthly blog series ‘Styling the seasons’  by fellow bloggers Katy (from Apartment Apothecary) and Charlotte (from Lotts and Lots). They’ve set out the challenge to bloggers out there to style a corner of your home each month that represents each month and what that month represents for you.  I can’t wait to get cracking with my October post!  What I wasn’t expecting is that looking at my living space through a lens really helped me see what I needed to change. If you’re feeling like your room needs a little bit of help, take a few pictures of it first, you may be surprised with what you haven’t noticed.

Having thought about my cosy nights at home and conscious of the styling I wanted to share with you some inspirational pictures of practical styled living spaces to suit this season (found on Pinterest).


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stylizmoSource : Stylizmo
emma_hosSource : Trendenser

April and maySource : April and May


Source : The style files

Top tips to add comfort to your room;

  • Add plants with attitude Fig trees, Ferns , Cacti. Terracotta pots look great inside during the cold months.
  • Use textured rugs.
  • Introduce glass accessories such as glass lanterns, terrariums and display cases, these will reflect the light.
  • Don’t skimp on your throws. Find one that you love and when you bring it out for the cold seasons it’s the biggest treat! Mine is the Rainy day blanket I love it SO much!!!
  • Add a few more cushions within the same colour palette that you currently have, maybe add more texture and pattern or even a complimentary colour.
  • Table lamps and candles bring an edge of coziness.
  • Change your artwork and prints, it’s good to mix it up a bit and keeps the walls interesting.
  • Vintage products bring style and gives a room age and intrigue.

Hansel is now hurrying me up to make the living room stylish and cosy, unfortunately (but to my relief) he hates woollen throws.Hansel hates woolEnjoy dressing up your room for the coming season.

H x


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