Rococo chocolate love with Achica

The lovely people of Achica (the luxury lifestyle store) invited me to a morning of chocolate tasting and Easter egg decorating at the fabulous Rococo Chocolates in Knightsbridge.

As their tagline states “Once bitten, truly smitten” , this could not be more true!

AchicaRococologoThe event started off pretty great with a hot chocolate and a raspberry marshmallow.  WOW and I mean WOW, that was a taste sensation!


Julie Rosenberg, the events manager for Rococo, presented a talk about the origins of chocolate and the history behind Rococo.

Interesting facts :

  • Chantal Coady the founder of Rococo Chocolates designed the logo and packaging.
  • The graphics are all based on chocolate moulds.
  • They use Coco beans from Grenada.
  • Rococo have purchased a small plot of land in Granada and teamed up with the Grenada Chocolate Company to product Grococo. more info here.
  • The chocolate tastes amazing! Fact.

After a few little tasters of chocolate nibs, 60% chocolate and rubbing coco butter all over our hands, we were guided downstairs to the room where we get to play with chocolate!!  I was so so excited, I felt like Augustus Gloop from  Charlie and Chocolate Factory.


Sooooo many easter eggs! We got told that we could decorate 2 eggs!!!  Basically in case we messed up the design, which I kinda did.

chocolatepearlsMaking a mess in the chocolate room! I enjoyed every second, even had to wipe my face as I had chocolate all over my face from some sneaky eating. How can you not eat a little melted chocolate!

making-a-messI’ll not make a profession as a  chocolatier any time soon but PAH! I don’t care, I’m more than happy to eat the stuff.

hhouseeggTrying to decorate my egg with my logo was a big of a fail. I found the messy squiggle look to be more successful.


THEN after all of that we were given the extra treat of tasting some AMAZING ganache. Oh the flavours! At one point Maxine from Achica was talking to me and I had no idea. It was just me and the chocolate. Sorry Maxine! I blame the chocolate xx

ganacheSo did you know that Rococo do the chocolate event all of the time??!!!! I think it’d be a great event to do for your kids, hen do’s and birthdays. If this interests you then please contact Julie Rosenburg, she is the nicest! The events calendar is here.

Thank you Achica, it was truly a lovely morning, I will remember it well and so will my failed diet plan. xx


Rococo Chocolates

5 Motcomb St



020 7245 0993

Images : Achica and myself

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