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repotting cacti

Repotting cacti has been on my to do list for a while now. After discovering that they are August’s houseplant of the month it was a sign to pot them on! The idea of repotting cacti had scared me thinking I’d kill them and be covered in spikes but after doing a little research I realised it was actually really easy and pain free!

Cacti have some wonderful crazy shapes, spikes, lumps and bumps, there’s lots going on! When repotting them I would suggest choosing a simple pot with minimal or no pattern, let the cacti do the talking. I decided to use a few cups and bowls that I adore, they have simple and soft forms which is the perfect contrast to the crazy cacti.

repotting cacti , urban jungle bloggers, indoor plants

repotting cacti , urban jungle bloggers, indoor plants, styling, minimal garden

repotting cacti , urban jungle bloggers, indoor plants

I got soil all over the cacti as I’m messy gardener, using a brush it can be flicked away easily.

repotting cacti , urban jungle bloggers, indoor plants, styling, Scandinavian syling

Cacti are one of my favourite plants, easy to look after and the perfect way to bring instant impact to a minimal space. My styling at home is minimal and clean, by adding green plants it brings the room to life with pops of colour and texture. I choose to display them with a pattern free background giving focus on the sculptural quality of the plant.


Use cacti soil or mix sand (pumice and pearlite are also great additions) with regular potting soil.
When removing the cacti from its pot, turn it upside down using a towel or an old t shirt to protect your hands.
Loosen the roots.
Place a little soil mix in the bottom of the new pot and add your cacti. It helps to have large tweezers or wooden sticks.
Fill the pot around the sides and press the soil down using a wooden dowel or similar implement.


Cacti are pretty low maintenance plants.
Most cacti love the light, placing them near a window or a light filled room is ideal.
Don’t over water them, they don’t like their roots standing in water. You can allow the soil to dry out and water once a month.
Add cactus food to the water in summer months.
Use a light water spray or diffuser once a week to dust the cacti.

Originally growing in much warmer climates like South America and Mexico it’s hard to imagine them surviving in the UK. With a little love and a good seat inside they can thrive!

The perfect spiky sculpture for my minimal space.

H x

*this post is in collaboration with celebrating our love for cacti. All images and thoughts are my own.

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