Renovated home – White, Neon and Graphic Prints

This renovated home on the coast of Snekkersten, Denmark looks like the idyllic and relaxing. The running theme of white, graphic prints and splashes of neon update this property to a modern but still classic aesthetic.

Marie and Lars Abraham have created this stunning home, not surprising that they are both creative people. Lars a Managing Director and Partner of Brand Design by Poggenpohl Copenhagen and  Marie who is a school teacher.


ca4a5f7b4d324b3f878bec606a9b9014-1-original-620-500AH another LOVELY herringbone floor! Dreamy! This clean crisp kitchen is of course a Poggenpohl  kitchen. Lighting by Artemide. See how there is a refined colour palette throughout the home, this creates a uniformity but more importantly a very clever sense of design.


f2dcf18ebe4c4066982757dcd7a951f3-1-original-620-500Dining room, Lars designed the Steel table himself, this industrial touch helps modernise this room. Chairs by Paula Navone for Gervasoni . Lamp above dining table by Ingo Maurer.


61d05e884ec74fee86437eb8fa74f7ee-1-original-620-500Nice to see a bit of relaxed styling. Not every part of the home should look like a show home (if any). It’s clear to see that the couple have expressed their personality in this home by including graphic prints from something of which follows their interests. The large print behind this sofa is from Theater Repulique in Copenhagen.

781498d9c9564992bbdf1fd1f5ddfc76-0-original-620-500A cozy nook with Reindeer skins, more prints from Theatre Republique and lamp from Artemide.

29ed06b552bf4477bb76f1c102064c43-1-original-620-500White on white, bouncing the light on the stairs. I love the splash of neon in this throw.

493c40fbde2d4ba98bf7f39b799fc1a6-1-original-620-500Bathroom basin is Poggenpohl ( I thought they only did kitchens, looks like they’ve got it spot on with this unit!). Towels and soap from Tine K.

d034e08928434429857aec88b2e55d2a-0-original-620-500Products from Tine K home. I’ve totally fallen for the products from Tine K, all very stunning.

b11d7fecbd5947d8a1b5567c93e4950a-1-original-620-500This bedroom has unobstructed views of the sea! how idyllic?! Again we see a pattern with the colour palette, grey, black and white tones on the bed, splashes of neon with the Theatre print, black accessories and white walls. Lamps are also from the same company throughout, Artemide .

c9f5c32e4efe4172b8fea5d5cfdea771-1-original-620-500White American-inspired Adirondack chairs seem to be popular in this part of Denmark.

9ee6e9a733ab4c9b8e19b718bea143bc-1-original-620-500Marie has a strong passion for gardening and she uses the same organisational skills here as she does in the home.


It’s safe to say this home is beautiful, modern yet timeless. A perfect home to escape to and relax in.

Source : , Photos : Pernille Kuland

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