Note Design Studio curated by Lotta Agaton – the significance of styling

During Stockholm’s design week, Residence magazine showcased an exhibition for their awarded ‘Designer of the year’ at ArcDes, the museum of Architecture and Design in Stockholm. With an impressive portfolio and incredible design collaborations the award was granted to Stockholm based, Note Design Studio.

This exhibition curated and styled by Lotta Agaton, Creative director of Residence Magazine and internationally known stylist. Lotta’s interpretation of Note Design Studio ‘s work focusses on how we consume and sell furniture today, with an emphasis on the significance of stylists within the design industry.

“We are familiar with Note Design Studio’s playful colour palette and design language, so I wanted to place their products in a environment and show the significance of context. To me, this is a way of showing how we perceive furniture depending on where and how it is presented.” Lotta Agaton 

As an interior designer who’s career has evolved into blogging and styling, I’ve become increasingly aware how interior and product styling is now essential in a world obsessed with image. I was pretty ecstatic to be in Stockholm while this show was on, I love Lotta Agaton’s work and to see it up close was a treat but also an inspiration. Here’s a brief insight to the exhibition with featured products.

G R O U P  D Y N A M I C

Note Design Studio - Residence magazine exhibition, collablorate

With no stars of the studio, Note prides themselves on equality with each voice heard. “What we do is a result of that dynamic.” – Note design studio.  

Sofa, Note for Fogia   |   Coffee table, Note for Fogia   |   Screen by Note, Zilenzio   |   Floor Lamp by Note, Örsjö Belysning   |   Stool by Note, Mitab   |   Wall paint 4477 Deco Blue, Jotun   |   Rug, Classic thunder blue, Kasthall   |   Blue Ceramic by Berndt Friberg 1976, Jacksons   |   Books, Konst-ig   |   Tub, Aesop

C O L O U R  P A L E T T E

Note Design Studio - Residence magazine exhibition, colour palette

“The perfect colour palette can provide a sense of completeness to a project; just as well as you can sense something that is not quite right if a colour clashes with the rest. In that case it feels off-key, just as in music.” – note design studio 

Dining table by Note, Fogia   |   Chairs in Ash by Note, Zilio   |   Chairs in oak by Note, Fogia   |   Arch shelf by Note, Fogia   |   Silo Ceiling light by Note, Zero   |   Silhouettes by Note, Växbo Lin   |   Wall Paint 2024 Sense Lady Balance, Jotun   |  Urtallrik plates, saucers and favourite bowl, Birgitta Watz   |   Silver cutlery, À la carte antik   |   Drinking glass, urn and terracotta pots, Garbo interiors   |   Linen napkin, Himla   |   Chair, privately owned

I N T E R I O R  D E S I G N  A N D  A R C H I T E C T U R E

Note Design Studio - Residence magazine exhibition, interior design and architecture

“Among the latest interior design projects there is Casa Ljungdahl, our first private residence, where we wanted to create a calm, soft palette with natural tones, entirely without using white. ” – note design studio

Basin by Note, Ext   |   Shell stool by note, Karl Andersson & Söner   |   Vinge table lamp by note, Örsjö Belysning   |   Silo ceiling light by note, Silo   |   Wall paint 1032, Lady minerals, Jotun   |   Tap, Vola   |   Concrete chair, Jonas Bohlin, Modernity   |   Vases by Anna-Lisa Thomson, Jacksons   |   Photography, Tobias Regell   |   Bath mat and towels, Society, NK   |   Bottles and tubes, Aesop   |   Perfume, Byredo    |   Baskets, Afroart

D E S I G N  S T R A T E G Y

Note Design Studio - Residence magazine exhibition, design strategy

“We believe that that glorification of the designer – so prevalent in our time, will gradually fade. We have seen too many projects where companies have focussed more on the persons they collaborate with than the type of products they have developed.  This has diluted their product range. Goods are always at the core.” – note design studio

Platel clothing rack by note, Punt   |   Vinge table lamp by Note, Örsjö Belysning   |   Shrine display shelf by note, Menu   |   Wall paint, 7236 CHI, Jotun   |   Counter Quaderna by Superstudio from 1970, Nordiska Galleriet   |   Fine bottle vases by Anna Lerinder   |   Bed dress with Animeaux very white, Dirty Linen   |   Bathrobe, Dirty linen   |   Decorative pillows, Astrid   |   Shoes, Adidas   |   Perfume and cream, Byredo   |   Stool, Mitab



I MA G E / V I S U A L S

Note Design Studio - Residence magazine exhibition, image/visuals

“A photograph is the final touch – a piece of furniture or a collection is not finished until it has been photographed.” – note design studio

Tonella chair by note, Sancal   |   No-no tables Note & Norm, Menu   |   Lamp by Note, Duesphere   |   House by Note, Nepal Projects, Menu   |   Wall Paint 2500 krydor, Jotun   |   Tea Trolly 901 by Alvar Aalto in 1935, Modernity   |   Screen 100 by Alvar Aalto from 1940’s, Jacksons   |   Rug, Goose Eye Icon Brooklyn, Kasthall   |   Photography of David Bowie by Torbjörn Calvero   |   Stone vases, Baccus antik   |   various vases and bowls, Jacksons

T H E  M A R K E T

Note Design Studio - Residence magazine exhibition, market

“Boundaries between office and home are beginning to blur, and an increasing number of companies make furniture that fits equally well in both environments…… the traditional office furniture is on it’s way out.”- Note design studio

Table by note, prototype   |   Tarpets ceiling light by Note, Zero   |   MCE table lamp by note, PER/USE   |   Shell Stool by Note, Karl Andersson & Söner   |   Focus screen by Note, Zilenzio   |   House by Note, Nepal Projects, Menu   |   Wall Paint 7163, Minty Breeze, Jotun   |   Photograph Revolver by Johan Strindberg, Dusty Deco   |   Pur chair in Ash by Note, Zilio   |   Stoneware vase with running glase, Rolf Palm 1967-68, Bacchus antik

 C O L L A B O R A T I O N S

Note Design Studio - Residence magazine exhibition, collaborations

“We like to collaborate with many different types of companies. It provides us with knowledge that we can bring into other projects.” –  Note design studio

Mango armchair by Note, Won   |   Zorro coffee table by Note, La Chance   |   Teluria candlestick by Note, Klong   |   House by Note, Nepal projects, Menu   |   Wall Paint, 9938 Naturlig svart, Jotun   |   Rug, Karl Black, Kasthall   |   Double column shelf  by John Kandell 1980’s, Modernity   |   Serif TV by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Samsung   |   Bowls by Anna Lerinder   |   Wrought Iron candleholder (on table), Anna Louside Messing, Konthanverkarna   |   Pillows, Astrid

An inspirational exhibition that I’m thankful to have visited and spending all morning drooling over the design and style within each cube. The message was clear, the world of social media and image sharing has changed the way we sell designs and products. It is also clear that this development will continue to grow and simple instagram images won’t be enough, quality and consistency is key. Don’t despair, I do love instagram, but the true art of design and styling is so much bigger than one square picture in your phone, it’s nice but there is a bigger picture.

More info in note design studio visit , and discover Lotta Agaton’s work at


– Designer of the Year: Note Design Studio presented by Residence magazine and ArkDes February 10 to February 28, 2016.



  • Reply Kate February 18, 2016 at 1:31 pm

    I always adore Lotta Agaton’s work – so sad I didn’t get a chance to see this in person so thanks for sharing Hannah xx

  • Reply Cate February 18, 2016 at 2:46 pm

    Gutted I missed this one while I was there, I love her styling and Note Design Studio’s reflections on their work is really interesting, especially the traditional office on the way out, which was also reflected in the trends exhibition at the fair. You can tell with brands such as String, who also work with Lotta Agaton, that styling has changed the way they market and sell a product. Very interesting x

  • Reply Rachel February 18, 2016 at 7:47 pm

    All beautifully and elegantly styled. Lovely to be able to get such a good insight into this exhibition through your post.

  • Reply Maxine Brady February 19, 2016 at 7:57 am

    Wow. How cool are these designers (and their sets). And though these ideas are all very cutting edge – I could translate some of them into my own Victorian home – like the panelled wall. I love that idea – rather than wallpaper or paint to create a feature wall. The colours are so muted too – which is very modern. Next year, I’m coming to this show

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