new works – a mature vision

During Copenhagen’s biggest and best annual design fair, 3 days of design, New works opened their new showroom in the stunning design house of Frederiksgade 1. This was by far one of the main highlights to the fair (I’d say in the top 5 events, maybe top 3, I liked it).

The showroom was styled by Lotta Agaton interiors. I’ve been following Lotta Agaton’s product styling for some years now and there is a distinct style. A monochromatic space that pulls you in. Not always minimal, in some cases her displays are filled with products (much like her work for String shelving). The visual impact is almost theatrical but for real life, I’m so happy for this collaboration. She’s so damn good!

Inside the showroom, the walls are painted a moody monochrome palette of browns, beiges and creams. Parts of the original decor from this late 1800’s building are modernised by painting the door frames the same colour as the walls. Tonally painting the ceiling to the same as the cornicing and window frames is a clever way to make the room feel bigger and cosier. A space between dark and light, cosy and dramatic.

New works proudly collaborate with designers creating unique, sculptural pieces of furniture and lighting. They have an appreciation of craftsmanship and the honesty of materials, which is evident by the quality and tactility of their products.
The space is used for meetings and to showcase the New Works products of course. To show these products in an aspirational home apartment is quite the perfect thing to do. Not only do you swoon over the styling but also wistfully placing yourself on the sofa or reading at the desk. The staging is set, now which product would you pick?

new works - a mature vision
new works - a mature vision
Scandinavian living room dark
minimalist dark living room
new works - a mature vision
Copenhagen brand New works
Scandinavian day bed, natural textures
natural textures
scandinavian living
Minimal, dark and Scandinavian design
a nordic office
lantern floor lamp new works
a nordic office

Now I lust after the day bed, Ware lamp, the lantern pendants, Mass wide Ottoman, my wish list continues to grow.

H x

All Photography/images © Hannah Trickett

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