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My home office/studio is far from being finished so I’ve set up a temporary office in the dining area of my kitchen. The table, Mingle table from Ferm Living ,will actually be my permanent table for the office. It’s working brilliantly in the kitchen which is actually making the decision for the new dining table to even harder!

If you saw my instagram post about my New Norm ceramics (where I waited 3 weeks until I found THE plates) then you’d know that I am trying to avoid buying any throw away/temporary furniture or accessories. It’s so tempting to buy something “for now” then aim to replace it within a year or two and just throw it away…… Needless to say, I have great concerns about this. If many of us think like this and don’t dispose of our temporary products responsibly (rehoming is the only responsible thing to do unless it’s broken then you must recycle) then it’s an obvious environmental issue. I’ll try to stop sounding like an eco warrior but this is a brief explanation of why I’m tying to avoid buying unnecessary items (I could go on and on about this).

What I have in my temporary space will be used throughout the house and once my studio is complete. Take a look…..

a temporary office - Hannah in the house Notem studio. Danish Stationary.I discovered Notem recently. They are a new Danish stationary brand and their designs are pretty amazing. Well worth checking out.

a temporary office/dining space. Copenhagen

The new items here are my Mingle table and Plant box by Ferm living. Everything else was brought from London.

Ferm Living Mingle trestle table legs

Mingle Trestle table legs

Urban Jungle bloggers, heather in Ferm Living Plant Box Urban Jungle bloggers, heatherOlivia Fiddes  x Faye Toogood ceramics collaboration

This incredible mug by Olivia Fiddes in collaboration with Faye Toogood was my goodbye London gift to myself. I love it.

Sticks shelving  system by menu. Minimal living

Sticks shelving by Menu, for the dining area. A great investment and can be used elsewhere if I choose to move them.

a temporary office and studio at Hannah in the house

Hansel stays but may end up in the office.

Ferm Living Mingle Tablemy Danish dining area

I’ll be re-styling this minimalist shelving weekly, for the fun of it. Plus it’s good to move your cherished pieces around the house, keeping the home interesting.

Sticks shelving from Menu

There we go. This is my temporary live/work/eat space.  It will be changing lots over the next few months and I’m looking forward to seeing it develop.

items from my temporary office 

Mingle Table   |   Plant Box   |   Notem Stationary   |   Sticks System by Menu   |    Mug by Olivia Fiddes x Faye Toogood   |   Haze artwork by Anne Nowark   |    Rug   

H x

*Photography/images © Hannah Trickett/Hannah in the house


  • Reply Lorraine Matthews September 27, 2017 at 9:32 am

    If you like the table so much and it works for dining as well as for the office, why not indulge in a second one for your other space? .

    • Reply Hannah September 27, 2017 at 2:55 pm

      believe me I’m tempted!

  • Reply Style&Minimalism September 29, 2017 at 8:26 pm

    I love every piece Hannah, you have the best taste in furniture! I think I might need those shelves.

    Vikki xx

  • Reply Emily May Designs November 25, 2017 at 2:40 pm

    I love it all, it’s so chic! The accessories are so gorgeous 🙂
    Emily xx

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