Minimalist skincare brands to help revive tired winter skin

Scandinavian and minimalist skin care , Danish skincare

I wasn’t expecting it but Danish weather is punishing my skin. Maybe it’s my fault for not altering my skincare regime to suit the climate here but in all honesty I didn’t think it would be that different to the uk. More fool me. I don’t think I need to analyse why my skin has got so dry and I’m sure I’m not alone. I think we all need a little extra assistance during the harsh winter months. Wind, rain, stress, exhaustion, poor diet, all contribute to unhappy skin and I am ready for some pampering. With my favourite minimalist skincare brands of course!

In no way am I a beauty blogger, I barely wear makeup and when I do I’m sure I get it all wrong. But skincare, I’m interesting in! If I’m going to buy skincare products they need to have lots of natural ingredients (organic if possible), never tested on animals and have minimalist packaging. That’s a must! Any packing on display in my house needs to be toned down, simplistic and minimal otherwise I’m awkwardly hiding them or decanting and making a mess.

I wanted to share some of my favourite minimalist skincare brands, some products I’ve tried, some are on my list.

Scandinavian and minimalist skincare , Danish and Swedish skin care

from top left ; Perfecting Body Oil by Nuori   |   Damascan Rose facial oil by Aesop   |   Body Scrub by Le Labo   |   Perfecting facial oil by Nuori   |   SaltSkrubb by L:A Bruket   |   Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste by Aesop   |   Body Oil by Sprekenhus

This selection pretty much expresses what my skin needs right now. Exfoliation and oil. Having tried the Nuori body oil and Aesop’s Damascan rose facial oil I can highly recommend them. As I trust all of these brands I’m wanting to get them all!

I also wanted to add that I have tried Nuori’s  Supreme C- Serum Treatment and wow it’s amazing. Again with the minimalist packaging (loving it), you can use a vial for 10 days and it really help protect and revive skin. I noticed how it helped my skin while I was cycling in rough nordic weather. Great protection and most definitely smoothed my skin and made it look great. But again as I’m no beauty expert and I’ve neglected to maintain any protection against this weather. Morning moisturiser is not enough, hence my oil and scrub mood board above.

Below is the serum I mentioned and also the Supreme moisture mask that bring with me when I travel. I put that on at night after a long day travelling and wake up nice and refreshed.

Scandinavian and minimalist skincare , Danish skin care

I’m constantly on the search for great skincare. How do you revive your skin during the winter months? And what other Scandinavian (who doesn’t love their skin?!) or minimalist skincare brands do you recommend?


H x

*Disclaimer. This is NOT a sponsored post. I have received a few of these products to try and will be purchasing some myself.

Check out Nuori , Aesop, LA Bruket, Le Labo  and Sprekenhus for more beautiful products.


  • Reply Åsa Aabakken January 10, 2018 at 5:58 pm

    Its important with good skin products when you live in cold Scandinavia .Best regards Åss

  • Reply Abi | These Four Walls blog January 11, 2018 at 10:14 am

    A really useful round-up – thank you! Some brands I know and love, and some new ones to discover. My skin has also really suffered this winter and I’m not sure why, but it’s a good excuse to try out some new things x

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