Happy new year to all of my readers!

Looking back on the previous year, I’ve come to realise that it was quite eventful. I just hope that this coming year is just as or even more enjoyable. After having quite invasive neurosurgery back in 2012, I vowed to make sure I spend my healthy days doing what I love. I’ve had ups and downs and needed a lot of rest but I think I’ve managed to accomplish quite a bit from design, travel, styling and blogging.  Here are a few of my highlights……


  • Turning 30! Discovering lots of new cocktail bars in East London along my month long celebration.
  • Assisting on an Elle Decoration photo shoot. Well, as a runner/stylist assistant, but all experience is great experience, it was amazing.
  • My very own styling shoots with Ola O Smit. We did some great work, now being featured on some great websites and blogs.
  • Spending 2 weeks in New York, sooooo good and unforgettable .
  • Finally getting my best friend back! Returning from her travels, training to become a yoga teacher in India and teaching on the beaches in Asia.
  • Friends wedding celebrations, grown up stuff!
  • Trip to Schmallenburg, Germany with Day True to visit Burgbad.
  • Stockholm for it’s brilliant FORMEX design fair, such a beautiful city.
  • Starting to work for Day True in Maida Vale as a designer.
  • Not to mention working on my blog and attending some great meet ups.

There’s probably so much more I can list but I’m now looking forward to 2014 so much I can’t look back.  I’ll be working on many more posts, trends, styling and design not to mention focussing on my health too. With that, I wish you all a healthy happy and creative 2014!

H x


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