Finding joy in cleaning with stylish products

cleaning with stylish products

We all have to battle with mundane household tasks, cleaning, sorting etc etc. Now that the days are getting lighter I’ve noticed areas of my home needing a little freshening up. My house can get quite messy at times so to make life a little more interesting I’ve been finding joy in cleaning with stylish products. On first glance this may seem excessive but I assure you quality goes a long way even with these household objects.

Cleaning with stylish products can make all of the difference. I get very happy when discovering handmade brushes, organic wares and stylish bins. I’ve noticed my mood lift when tackling household chores using products that I love.

Here’s a little inspiration (and partly a wish list for me too)

Cleaning with Stylish products

Filippa K + Tangentgc Fine wash   |   Vipp bathroom 4L pedal bin   |   Organic Cotton Company Wash Cloth   |   Vipp toilet brush   |   Iris Hantverk Dust pan and brush set   |   Aesop Post poo drops

I was excited to find that Filippa K and Tangentgc have collaborated with this beautiful fine wash. By far the nicest clothes wash and bottle I’ve tried.

Vipp bins have been featured on my blog before but they are the best (so I’m saying it again). They also have a range of accessories such as dust pan and brush, toilet brushes, hooks etc. All of which are designed and engineered to the highest quality and beautifully timeless. You that know you’ve got something great when your toilet brush brings style to your bathroom.

I’m trying to change my habit with throwing away dishcloths by using washable cleaning cloths. The Organic cotton company make a beautiful selection. Although I admit to using disposable cloths sometimes, I much prefer a washable cloth.

A good quality dust pan and brush set is essential! I currently have the Iris Hantwerk set which an authentic feel as the brush is handmade. There’s something about handmade brushes that make me want to pick them up and use immediately. Though now I’m wanting to compare it to the Vipp dustpan and brush set which has much more of an engineered aesthetic.

Lastly on my cleaning products board isn’t actually a cleaning product but adds a beautiful scent to the home (in a slightly comical way) . I was recently given the tip to put a few drops of Aesop’s Poo Drops into Hansel’s littler tray, making it stylish in scent, genius!  

Maybe my domestic goddess side will appear sometime soon, who knows. In the meantime I will definitely enjoy cleaning with stylish products and hope you will too.

H x

*feature image and products via The Organic Cotton Company 

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  • Reply Vikki | Style&Minimalism March 29, 2018 at 6:30 pm

    Hey Hannah

    All of the above, please!! Just bought a few things from Iris Hantwerk, all so beautifully made!

    Love the Poo Drops idea for Coco, might have to steal that one.

    Vikki xx

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