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I’m officially a geek! (holds hands up) Yep I get starstruck at the oddest of times, not when I see the typical ‘famous person’ but actually when I meet truly talented designers and artists.

Back in 2009 I went to a wicked warehouse print sale in Shoreditch and met the fabulously creative Rob Ryan, he’s a paper-cut and screen print artist. Queueing up to pay for a few tiles and a signed print I thought to myself, “I HAVE to say something to him” then I blurted out with no grace or intelligence ” I LOVE YOUR WORK!  IT’S REALLY GOOD!“. I mean HOW MUCH OF AN IDIOT MUST I HAVE SOUNDED??!!!!  Was that the best I could do “it’s really good“…. Why oh why did I not keep my cool?

I’ve even had famous clients before and never acted like this. Although when Antonio Citterio rocked up at my work and did a presentation on his Citterio M tap range I did the the shakes!

So it’s happended again. Out buying some lunch and not looking or feeling great (stupid poorly brain stuff, hopefully be sorted soon), I decide to check out the Donna Wilson sample sale. Not only was I getting giddy by being in a studio (miss working in a studio, neurosurgeon better hurry up and sort me out!), I’m then faced with discounted Donna Wilson goodies! I grab what I can then get ready to pay…… yep she’s there…………I’m at it again, red faced nervously saying ” This sounds really lame but will you sign the card for me?!”  (she wasn’t doing signings) and she smiled slightly bemused and politely said yes. She was very nice to meet but I have got to stop acting like an idiot! I’m sure I was a little shakey, seriously what is my problem!?

All I can say is, I get starstruck over great designers because they ARE great designers and artists. These people change the face of the design world, inspire so many of us. There are so many designers and artists out there that deserve the recognition and respect for their work that quite frankly I don’t think they get enough of.

To share my love for the design world here are some designers I think you should look for! Some of them are well known and if not, well I bet you’ll will be hearing about them soon!



Rob Ryan -Paper cut/screen print artist.

How can you miss his work, it’s everywhere!!!

This year it seems that Mr Ryan has exploded all over the retail world. He’s gone product crazy, I’m not complaining, I’m just overwhelmed. His work is just beautiful and if you can afford his artwork, I suggest you buy it now, it’s be a great investment. I do however recommend you pop down to his shop in Columbia Road, it’s where the magic is.

Alternatively buy his stuff online at






 Jaime Hayon – Product designer  to the masses!

Most designers know who he is but I don’t quite think he’s a household name just yet.  Jaime is probably one of the coolest product designers out there and I think if I meet him I may faint.

He has designed collections for SO many companies such as Bisazza Bagno, Fritz Hansen, Rug Company, Camper shoes… and many many more.

I’d suggest getting his book from, pretty inspirational.





 Donna Wilson – Textile designer

British Design Awards – Designer of the year 2010

Donna Wilsons popularity is growing from strength to strength, her cushions, knitted creatures and ceramics (among many other products) are truly truly scrumptious.

Screen print and graphic imagery is very fashionable at the moment, I’d say Donna is leading the way nicely.







Tom Dixon – Product designer extraordinaire

Ok so he’s a bit of a design God. I couldn’t leave him off the list, he is definitely an example of someone who has helped shape the world of design as we see it. From iconic product design to head designer of the Habitat chain in 1997, interior design and even an OBE under his belt.  There is no stopping him and his team.

You can buy Tom Dixon products from many interior retailers such as SCP .






Orla Kiely – designer

When hearing the name Orla Kiely you’d probably think of handbags with the classic stem pattern. Among other cushions and kitchenware (which is available on her website), she has designed an exclusive furniture range for HEAL’S. It’s obvious to see that the inspiration is from Mid 20th Century furniture, I’m guessing Danish.

Orla has most definitely got a distinctive design style that people go crazy for, trust me I’ve been to sample sales and they are scary!

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