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Design classics relaunched – Little Petra by Viggo Boesen 1938

The Little Petra chair was first made for the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers Guild in 1938. Designed by Viggo Boesen (1907 – 1985) a Danish architect was not widely known and nicknamed the “unknown Artisan“. Though his name may not be well known, his funkis designs contributed to Denmark’s signature design aesthetic in the 1930’s. The Funkis style, functionalism, was Denmark’s precursor to Danish modernism “Distinguished by a softer, more abundant, organic aesthetic that challenged the minimalistic approach of Bauhaus” – &Tradition

The Little Petra chair (named after Boesen’s mother-in-law) is among his best and most desirable designs together with his rattan chair for Sika designs. Boesen underestimated the popularity of the Little Petra, in fact only 30 were ever made. It was made to order and handcrafted by one of Denmark’s most respected cabinetmakers A.J. Iversen. Inevitably the chair became a rare sight and as a result it fetched a high price in auction houses.

&Tradition, a company that cherishes timeless deigns and honours old masters as well as new designers, have relaunched the Little Petra. Equally important to both Boesen and &Tradition, the chair is made with natural materials to a high quality. The legs are crafted in oak or walnut and choice of fabric options.

Product details below Design classics relaunched - Little Petra by Viggo Boesen 1938Design classics relaunched - Little Petra by Viggo Boesen 1938Design classics relaunched - Little Petra by Viggo Boesen 1938Design classics relaunched - Little Petra by Viggo Boesen 1938

Yet another chair I need in my life.

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Product details

Materials – Wood, HR foam, polyester wadding, fabric upholstery
Dimensions – H: 75cm/29.2in, D: 83cm/32.7in, L: 79cm/31.1in, Seat height: 40cm/15.8in, Seating depth: 55cm/21.7in
Fabric options upon request. Contact info@andtradition.com

Images courtesy of &Tradition


  • Reply Francesca November 22, 2018 at 9:14 pm

    Wow, the Little Petra chair is gorgeous. So simple but so effective. And it looks especially lovely with that wooden flooring, particularly because of the way the floorboards draw the eye towards the chair. And the contrasting wood colours work nicely as well, adding dimension. Great blog!

  • Reply David Wedege November 24, 2018 at 2:00 pm

    O’ I accidently came to buy one. Ever since it was shown the first earlier this year I have looked and considered and being sceptical to the idea of bringning yet another forgotten classic on the scene. But pieces of furniture can grow or they can collapse in the eyes of a long-term viewer. This is definitely an example of growth. The legendary Danish cabinetmaker Hans J. Wegner advised people to turn chairs upside down and look where the good and the bad piece of furniture reveals itself. Little Petra is very elegantly upholstered at the bottom and looks fascinating in different ways from various angles. A very poetic chair. And a bit childish one like myself.

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