Breaking the rules of the patchwork quilt

I’m not one to follow patterns, as hard as I try, I just get distracted and want to do my own thing. Patchwork quilts are intricate but also can be a little too twee and unfashionable for my tastes. I do however love the idea of them, using up the fabric I have collected over the years.

If I was to follow the rules of patchwork them I would have to have perfectly measured pieces of fabric, tacked together then sewn with the machine. Yes it is a more professional finish but quite frankly I don’t have the patience or time to create my patchwork quilt that way. I have a much more of a freestyle approach to patchwork. Lumps included!!

Previously I had made patchwork aprons in my quick and easy way of sewing my scraps of fabric together and it’s also a more enjoyable way of making.


The fabric samples that I collected were from all over but generally remnants bins and also sample requests online.

To make this quilt I cut various size squares and rectangles, sewn them all together, put wadding inside and for the back of the quilt I used a complimentary mustard colour with a bird fabric.

It looks great and I love it. Even my cat can’t stop jumping on it.







  • Reply Claire November 12, 2012 at 2:54 pm

    This is great. I’ve been meaning to make a patch work quilt for a while and have plenty of scraps of fabric to use! Without wanting to sound unintelligent, did you literally just sew bits of facric together? Is it really that simple? I hope so!
    P.S: Yes, this is my second comment. As you can see I am rambling about your blog checking all the areas out! It’s great 🙂

    • Reply Hannah November 12, 2012 at 4:14 pm

      Yeah I found it easy, however if an actual ‘Quilter’ looked closely then they would critisize it badly! I don’t mind the lumps and bumps in my quilt, it’s kind of nice. I know the next one will turn out better but I’m SO proud of my first quilt. I would say to give it a go , it’s really fun 🙂

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