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bedroom redesign part 2 – reupholster the bed

Bedroom redesign part 2

A major part of my bedroom redesign was to reupholster the bed. I didn’t really want to buy a new bed as I just can’t justify the expense when the bed is actually in a good condition. But enough was enough, I seriously couldn’t tolerate brown pleather any longer! I don’t know how I lived with it for so long. It’s scary what you can get used to.

I’ve been inspired to reupholster the bed since the arrival of my Skagerak Georg console table. My dressing table area is looking so nice now, I had to up the style and reupholster the bed. This also fits in with my considered approach to the bedroom redesign. It would be a waste to throw this bed frame away because it’s not my ideal style, it purely needs a facelift.
the BEFORE - brown pleather bed

Together with a considered upcycling approach I also wanted ease. I’m not a skilled upholsterer and I’m not intending to spend months or years training the basics. This is a quick fix so that my eyes aren’t burning from the brown pleather anymore.

The fist step was to cover the get with 100% cotton batting. This will help stop the new fabric from sliding against the pleather and give a slight bit of extra padding. Another cheat is that I only used a staple gun, lazy huh.
Reupholstering the bed - Hannah in the house

Simply cover the cotton batting with the desired fabric. I originally wanted crushed linen but then realised that it really wasn’t my style. Controversial I know, there’s a world of linen lovers out there and I do like it but I wasn’t feeling it for this bed and room transformation. I chose a lovely thick grey fabric and I’m so pleased with it. Reupholstering the bed - Hannah in the house

A tricky thing to do was folding the corners and the headboard. I didn’t follow any rules and just played with the folds. I was just going with what I liked and that was simple, there’s no need to hide the fact that I’m folding it so they’re nice and obvious. Which I think looks clean and simple.

Reupholstered bed grey bedhead

I also had to treat myself by purchasing new feet for the bed! Amazing feet from Pretty Pegs, I’ve been wanting to get them for so long and they have transformed it so much. Please ignore my dreadful carpet, I need a rug to cover it up….

pretty pegs

A simple and grey bedroom Marimekko mug

Now my bedroom is a calm oasis of greys and the only brown will be that from natural wood.

Products featured in this post : 

Edge pot   |   For Rest Print   |   Svea Pretty Pegs   |   Concrete Lamp Menu   |   Vipp Plate   |   Turn Stool Skagerak   |   

Siirtolapuutarah mug by Marimekko   |   Norr Tray    |   The perfect Mattress from Loaf

The bedroom still needs a few more tweaks and as you can tell, I’m taking my time. I think it’s important to consider each step and reflect on what you really want from the space. I look forward to sharing more updates.

H x



  • Reply Harriet November 3, 2016 at 9:23 pm

    Wow, this refurbishment looks great! Looks like a mammoth job, reupholstering a bed but the finished results area amazing!

  • Reply Flora November 28, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    I really like this, Hannah! Our bed is very similar to how yours was originally…and I’m not a fan of the pleather either! We’re hoping to buy our first house next year, so I imagine that will leave us short of money to buy a new bed frame… but I’ll saving this blog post for later as you’ve inspired me to consider reupholstering what we currently have. It looks like a fun DIY!


  • Reply Style&Minimalism February 6, 2017 at 7:44 pm

    I’ve been thinking about doing this for a little while. I didn’t know about the cotton batting, great tip. How long did it take you?

    Vikki, xx

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