a warm welcome

a warm welcome to Copenhagen

They say the Danes are happy, healthy, friendly and stylish. After 2 weeks here I must admit, that seems to be true. I’ve had an incredibly warm welcome to Copenhagen thanks to some wonderful people. Danish bloggers, designers and companies have welcomed me with open arms and funnily most have asked “but why have you moved here?”. A valid question, yes, but with Copenhagen being such an epicentre of design I thought it was obvious. My answers have become longer and longer. In short, I love the city, I’m here to learn more about Scandinavian design, culture, my Danish heritage and I just fancied a change of pace from London (hmmm not so short).

Being an outsider is quite daunting especially when you’re working freelance. Thankfully I’ve had some great support. Last week I cycled (another reason why I wanted to live here) to Cafe Auto in Nørrebro with Caroline Birk Bahrenscheer from September Edit to meet Allan Torp from Bungalow5 and designer/art director, Nina Bruun. Who may I add are ALL super stylish, I need to up my game! They have been so kind and generous with advice, contacts and friendship, it really means a lot. Social gatherings like this are so important for people who work freelance, you can learn so much and helps to get away from the screen. I recommend it highly.

There will be much more to talk about within the forthcoming weeks. For now I wanted to share my thanks and say how lucky I feel working in such a supportive industry.

Wild flowers if Copenhagen in my minimal kitchen

Wild flowers picked from Selinvej in Amager, South Copenhagen. I discovered the place after seeing it on the instagram stories of friends and interior stylists Gitte Christensen and Laura Trøstrup . Styled in my new Concave vase by Stelton 

H x

*Photography/images © Hannah Trickett/Hannah in the house


  • Reply Emma Thomas November 1, 2017 at 7:26 pm

    Welcome! We live in Amager and love it here. Are you going to Finders Keepers this weekend? I’m going Sunday if you’d like to meet up…

    • Reply Hannah November 2, 2017 at 1:08 pm

      Hey! Yes I’ll try to head over. I really want a boob mug!

  • Reply Emma Thomas November 7, 2017 at 9:04 pm

    Oh, sorry, I forgot to check back… Did you get one? Would be lovely meet you…drop me a line to, having some people for drinks Friday night if you want to come?! Otherwise a coffee some time?

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