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5 months in, what I really think if my Dunlopillo bed

minimalist bedroom dunlopillo bed review

As you may well know, comfort and rest and hugely important to me. When we first moved into our Copenhagen home we had no bed, just a blow up mattress. This was terrible for my neck, back and my head but it was temporary. I now have a Dunlopillo bed that is designed to be supportive and ooze with comfort. When it arrived I wrote a blog post all about the bed including the frame, pocket springs, natural latex and 7 support zones, it’s worth reading again if you’re interested in a bed like this.

For now I want to talk about what this bed is really like. It’s been 5 months and this bed is now a huge part of the home, most definitely an important one.

My boyfriend and I often joke that the bed has ruined the sofa for us, haha. Meaning our Dunlopillo bed is so comfortable our sofa seems substandard. Some nights when it gets to 8pm we’d rather go to bed than sit on the sofa for the evening, and very happy to do so.

Minimalist bedroom, Dunlopillo bed

As mentioned in my previous post, this bed is made up of 2 x 90cm (w) beds placed together with a 180cm (w) mattress topper. Each separate bed pocket springs in the base,  specifically designed ‘comfort zones’ to support the body in the best way. This is something I need to make clear, this bed is very different bed to the standard pocket sprung mattresses I’ve grown up with in the UK. So if you’ve never tried a mattress like this before then I suggest you try it out. I’m pleasantly surprised as I was a hardcore spring pocket mattress kinda gal. This bed has both! So it’s a great feature. Here’s a video that shows the cross section of the bed for a better idea.

Minimalist bedroom, Dunlopillo bed

I had a few worries before getting this bed. Firstly I was concerned about being able to feel the different zones in an uncomfortable way but surprisingly it’ a very natural fit. It supports the body is a very cosy way.  The mattress topper is quite thick as well, very much a princess and the pea bed. Secondly I had a fear about the ‘natural latex’ mattress topper. I imagined that it would be like wet sand (I slept on a memory foam mattress 10 years ago that was like wet sand, horrible). This bed however is nothing like the wet sand, the best way I can describe it is, it’s like a high-end hotel bed.  Last night I flipped the mattress topper (it’s been just over 5 months with no flipping) and noticed that plumped up even more. I think that should be done every 5-6 months depending how much time you spend on it.

This is a box bed, a common style in Scandinavia, it doesn’t come with a headboard. That’s something that I’ve been trying to get used to. You can purchase them separately and maybe I will in the future. As you know me I agonise over specific items and a headboard can completely change a room. So I’m taking my time and thinking about it. Definitely some cool grey cushions will work too.

Minimalist bedroom, Dunlopillo bed

My Dunlopillo bed is a treasured piece of furniture. I no longer feel Stephen tossing and turning (bonus!) and Hansel loves it too. It’s the biggest bed I’ve ever had, feels like one from a high-end hotel. We sleep very well on it and spend a lot of time watching tv in bed. It’s bliss. Looks pretty nice too.


*disclaimer. This post is in collaboration with Dunlopillo and all words and thoughts are my own. My review is not false or forced, I genuinely love the bed.


  • Reply Tom Field February 2, 2018 at 3:03 pm

    We’re looking for a new bed at the moment and spotted this article. Understandable that it’s your most treasured piece of furniture, as beds are so important to a great night’s sleep and the well-being that in turn brings. Also, although it can sometimes be a squeeze in a room, a larger bed is certainly a better option wherever possible. Thanks for the article.

  • Reply Marie October 25, 2018 at 12:56 pm

    Oh! My sleeping is going to be so much special & healthy I can say. Such a wonderful post. Very much informative & helpful. Thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts. God bless.

  • Reply Nicole January 9, 2020 at 4:49 pm

    Oh my Dream stars.. thank you for your article. After searching for a long time for the right bed, I read your reviews and ended with buying the same bed. I actually slept over my alarm clock the first night! It is definitely the most comfortable bed I have slept in. Thanks again Hannah for your honest reviews .

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