10 Nordic interiors magazines to read regardless of the language

I remember going on holidays to Sweden, Denmark and Iceland, not only getting excited for the holiday but to pick up copies of interiors magazines. I didn’t care if they weren’t all written in english. The idea is to see how people design their homes in nordic counties, find new designs, editorial styling, trends, architecture and overall become inspired.

After having collected interiors magazines over the years I get very excited when new publications are launched. I’ve selected 10 magazines that inspire me and that I buy myself. In addition to monthly magazines, some of these publications make a special magazine or annual edition. The print is of a higher quality and a larger volume of work making these editions feel special. Ones to keep and treasure. So I’ve included those in this listing alongside their monthly magazine (if they have one).

Ark Journal - 10 Nordic interiors  magazines to read regardless of  the language

Ark journal (written in english) is a Copenhagen based biannual magazine founded by Editor-in-Chief Mette Barfod. Her team help create a 240 page dream. “Bridging architecture, design and art, we show them as interplay rather than in silos, and with a sense of enduring Scandinavian values and aesthetics.”
An added extra that makes this magazine special is that each Volume is launched with the choice of 4 different front covers. So interiors enthusiasts like myself can choose a magazine with cover of our preference. If it compliments my home decor then I’m more likely to keep it out like a coffee table book. My absolute favourite Danish design journal.


Residence (written in Swedish) is one of Sweden’s most celebrated interiors magazines. Covering interior design, new designs, architecture and art. Not only in print but on Residence’s website they have numerous articles including a blog section that is split up into a subsection of blogs by their in house/contributing bloggers.
My Residence is Aller media’s first investment in an English publication with international distribution. Known as their ‘bookazine’ it’s a beautifully thick edition printed on matt paper and definitely has the quality of a book.

10 Nordic interiors  magazines to read regardless of  the language

Originally from Portland, Kinfolk’s international office is based in Copenhagen. This is where the Kinfolk gallery is located, the space hosts exhibitions, launch nights, meetings and photoshoots, it’s stunning. Denmark has definitely adopted Kinfolk as their own, there are multiple collaborations and cross overs with Danish architects and designers.
The magazine itself is intelligent, well written, sleek with graphic design and impeccable photography. From arts and culture, architecture and design, Kinfolk delves deep into the lives of creative professionals. Alongside the Kinfolk magazine are city guides, books and artwork.

Norwegian interiors magazine Nytt rom

Nytt Rom (written in Norwegian) is a Norwegian interiors magazine presenting Scandinavian design, architecture and living. What makes this lovely is that there is a clear sincere and personal touch. The magazine “presents design and architecture through interesting people, whom by their enthusiasm point out and clarify the modern Scandinavian way of living”.
I’m proud to say that my home has been featured in this magazine, I was so honoured to be published alongside my design heroes and inspirations. Thanks Nytt Rom!


I became aware of this magazine after getting to know the Editor in Chief Ulla Koskinen during 3 days of design. She is such a lovely person and we seemed to like very similar designs so I knew I had to check out her magazine and I’m so glad I did.
Do you know that feeling when you’re in inspiration rut and you don’t know where to turn. One day Ulla sent me the Asun Homes magazine (written in english) and my heart started to do that dance. Finally something new and exciting! If you live Nordic design, simplicity, architectural details and a feeling of calm, Asun is what you need! I cherish Asun homes and their monthly publication Asun (written in Finnish) is pretty beautiful too.

Oak the journal - Danish annual journal

Oak the nordic journal (written in English) is based in Copenhagen. An annual hard back journal that has the qualities of both book and magazine. It celebrates Nordic influences in arts and culture. With creative conversations on and off the page. Oak hosts a Salon inviting professionals from the creative industry to delve into conversation about important matters in the industry.

Sindroms - a monochrome state of mind

Sindroms, a monochrome state of mind. A biannual journal (written in english) with colour as the core focus. Monochrome means ‘one colour’, each edition has an in depth curation and investigation into the chosen colour. It explores colour across cultures, our emotions and with visually stimulating conceptual styling.
It may come as quite a surprise to you but I love colour. I love to learn about it, the development, phycology, emotions etc. Each edition is a visual treat.

Bo Bedre

Bo Bedre is a Danish interiors magazine published monthly (written in Danish). In typical interiors magazine style it covers all of the new Scandinavian product releases, trends and swoon worthy house tours. In brief this magazine widespread cross Denmark in most supermarkets, news stands, airports etc. SO much more of your everyday interiors magazine but still inspiring and very current.


RUM is a leading Danish publication with international reach. Published 10 times a year (written in Danish) is a clean, contemporary focus on modern living. It is at the forefront of trends, style design and architecture maintaining a focus on Danish design as well as international design heritage. RUM international (written in English), is an expansion of RUM, published quarterly as a thick volume full of design inspiration and styling. I must say, then RUM international comes out I have to stop everything I’m doing and consume each page. Another of my very favourite interiors magazines. ,

Nordic style magazine

With a mixture of fashion, design and culture, Nordic style magazine (written in english) has a youthful edge and one that, lets face it, it’s super cool. ‘The first issue of Nordic Style Magazine is a raw and honest depiction of the Nordic countries’ artistic communities, people, and its diverse cultures. It is built around three core pillars – embracing individuality, diversity, and change, and explores how these permeate all that is ‘life’ in this sought-after region’
It is quite fashion forward so I think Nordic style magazine will appeal to those audiences where fashion and interiors worlds combine.

I am certain that there are more inspirational interiors magazines from the nordics that I will be sharing. I hope you get chance to check these out.

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