The importance of rest and a tranquil space

The importance of rest. A Scandinavian minimalist bedroom

We all need rest and sometimes I can be quite bad at making myself do so. Many of you know that I rest a lot. It can be quite frustrating at times. Moving to Copenhagen has taught me so much and even though it’s a city of chilled Danes, it can be exhausting too. It’s how you pace yourself. We all have our own sh#t to deal with. Mine is my brain and to be completely open I’ve been very ill for roughly 9 years now (however this all began when I was 13 years old, it’s just the last 9 years has affected my day to day). I hide it well. It’s a balancing act for sure.

The only thing that can help me when I’m really feeling bad is rest or going to hospital. Living with Hydrocephalus is incredibly complex and I don’t expect you all to understand. But the series of broken brain implants and searching for the correct brain pressure (which changes all of the time btw) is even more complex. I was fine for years but then I wasn’t. It happens.

Enough about my brain. I wanted to highlight is the importance of rest. It really can help with whatever you have going on.

Starting with the basics. If you need time it’s ok to say no to things, in most cases it can wait. Switch off, phone off, put the computer away and again say no to things. Be a little selfish.

Think about your surroundings. I’ve designed my home in a calm minimalist style. Much like the minimalist attitude of only owning products that you love or simply enjoy. My bedroom is incredibly peaceful and serene (if the neighbours are quiet that is).

The importance of rest. A Scandinavian minimalist bedroom

A few things that I have chosen and make resting that little more comfortable;


You’ve probably seen my previous posts on my Dunlopillo bed.  Having the right bed for you is so incredibly important. This one in particular has been such a blessing. It is so comfortable that my boyfriend and I would rather have an early night in bed than sit on the sofa. Maybe next will be upgrading the sofa? 


I’ve been incredibly picky. who me? and to keep with the natural theme as my bed is made from natural latex and other natural materials, I have chosen bamboo duvet inserts from Auping and organic cotton covers from Aiayu. All beautifully natural, well made and breathable.


There’s no ceiling lighting in this room (or my house) , I don’t want that shining in my eyes while I’m in bed. What I choose are table lamps with adjustable light controls. This can be then adjusted to the time of day or mood. Currently on my side table is the Conic lamp designed by Thomas Bentzen for Menu.


Paring back the visual chaos is an instant stress reliever and can then enable me to rest. My furniture is extremely simple and beautifully crafted. For example my oak side table designed by Bicolter for Skagerak, is such a clever minimalist design, I actually find it calming to lay next to. Sounds odd but resting with few distractions and items that you love can make the difference.

The importance of rest. A Scandinavian minimalist bedroom The importance of rest. A Scandinavian minimalist bedroom

I used to think that resting was losing a battle when actually it’s a way to acknowledge whatever you have going on in your life, give yourself a little more energy and being kind to your body. I will be heading to hospital again soon for a small tweak and then making sure I book out an entire week to rest in this comfortable bed. Also I’m no expert, if you have any restful tips that I can use please let me know.

I hope giving this little insight to my life can help you in someway. My timetable is very different to anyone else. I run at my own speed and work in my own way. Which can be a challenge but essentially it’s my life, I’m learning to shape it the way I want it to be even with a tricky head.

H x

*disclaimer. Some of the items featured in this post were gifted. Some items I purchased. All words and thoughts are my own. 

Photography/images © Hannah Trickett/Hannah in the house

If anyone would like further information on Hydrocephalus or living with this condition as an adult please contact me , I’d be happy to chat.


  • Reply Abi | These Four Walls blog June 12, 2018 at 1:51 pm

    I really enjoyed reading this Hannah. ‘I used to think that resting was losing a battle when actually it’s a way to acknowledge whatever you have going on in your life, give yourself a little more energy and being kind to your body’ – so true! I’m not very good at resting, but I need to improve for my own sake x

    • Reply Hannah June 13, 2018 at 2:56 pm

      Thanks Abi. I struggle most of the time too. But always reap the benefits once I have. It’s especially hard when you your from home too. We can do it!

  • Reply Sandra June 12, 2018 at 2:10 pm

    Hello Hannah, It was very interesting to read this article. I think it’s always difficult to take time to rest because lots of things need your attention. you are so right.
    I will try to think about it before being so tired or ill !

    • Reply Hannah June 13, 2018 at 2:57 pm

      I’m glad I raised in even though it was a small post. We all need rest but I’m finding that more and more people don’t let themselves do it. What are we scared of?

  • Reply Valerie/ June 18, 2018 at 1:02 pm

    Dear Hanna, so brave and beautiful of you to open up about the illness and the effect of this on your life. I always find it important to pay big respect and appreciation, as well as support those who share personal stories throughout the media. So hey hun, your doing so great! Resting is a major issue to me as well because I have an overly creative mind – sometimes I wake up at night because i have a sudden idea for a project…and then I walk like tired zombie all day but still can’t rest as nap for example… but I truly agree, creating a minimalist interior space can assist us in feeling relaxed and calm. Much love,


    • Reply Hannah July 10, 2018 at 12:31 pm

      thank you Valerie. I’m resting well but very hard not to DO things, so I must be strict with myself. Wow sounds like you’ve got so many ideas! do you have a notebook by your bed?

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