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Industrial wall lights - Vipp Lighting

As a lover of industrial style I’m so pleased to see the new release of Vipp lighting, this five piece lamp series is pure beauty in product design. Using 75 years of metal work experience, Vipp aims to rid the world of disposable products and fill it with timeless tools.

These die-casted, powder-coated aluminium and stainless steel lights are softened with semi organic rounded shapes and paired with silicone covered fabric cords, a juxtaposition in style being both industrial and soft. Perforated shades give a soft glow, with also a matt lens to hide the view of the bulb. Not forgetting the tactile nature of the adjustable screws for the ‘perfect posture’.

“We only make one type of each product, so you will not see a new collection of lamps from Vipp next season. Because once you have captured good light, what else is there to achieve in a lamp?” – Kasper Egelund, CEO at Vipp.

Having currently moved house I’m on the hunt for my ‘forever’ products. The idea of disposing temporary products makes me feel quite uneasy. I support any company that is considered, design beautifully and has integrity. I’m SO happy to see this Vipp lighting and they may well be on my home design shopping list.

Industrial lighting - Vipp LampsIndustrial lighting - Vipp LampsIndustrial lighting - Vipp LampsIndustrial desk lamp - Vipp lightingIndustrial wall lights - Vipp LightingIndustrial floor lamp - Vipp lighting

Available from beginning of November.

images courtesy of Vipp

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