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Many of you may know that I’m moving home soon (I’m boring everyone I meet with this subject, sorry but I can’t wait!) the most exciting thing about the move is that I get to redesign a new space. At the moment I’ve gathering inspiration and focussing on the living room, it’s quite a strange shape so it needs a lot of thought.

Along my journey for design inspiration I found a great furniture company called Camerich, it celebrates craftsmanship, design and simplicity, which is key for creating balance within a living room. I am a lover of minimal furniture and a self-confessed control freak when it comes to choosing products. Camerich has a wide choice of materials, fabrics and sizes that lets control freaks like me, take charge by choosing the finishes and sizes.

I ordered some samples (grey of course) and a brochure to help pull my scheme together, this is a must when designing your space. If you’re starting a project, try and gather samples of materials, colours etc and create a mini mood board for your room. It really does help when planning and designing, making the whole process clearer to visualise.

Camerich furniture samples

When considering living room design it’s important to create balance, style and comfort. Putting furniture in a room seems easy enough however with the little planning or understanding of your room’s needs, it can fall flat and make a room plain, boring and unwelcoming. Here are some great points that I always have to think about when thinking about designing a room.

Make sure the space is functional

Plan the layout, how many people use your space? It’s important to have enough seating for the amount of people that are often there. Make the seating social, avoid the dreaded ‘dentist waiting room’ feel, never have your seating all on one side. Create a U shape or L shape seating plan and possibly (if you can fit it) have a single lounge chair too.

Have more than one focal point 

No matter what the size of living room having more than one focal point keeps the room interesting. A great sofa is always a key piece but draw attention to shelves, additional seating and tables too.
Keep the eye wondering and you’ll never get bored. This can be easily done by varying the heights of your items on a sideboard or shelf, arranging your pictures a different heights, cushions of different sizes, large mirrors, plants of various heights, big lamps and small lamps etc etc…

Choose different textures in the same tone

If you have very few textures in a room sit will feel very dull. Mix up the textures of your cushions, introduce ceramics, glass, metal, it will make each item become instantly interesting.
To avoid this looking really busy I like to carefully select my items so that I only display what I love and making sure there’s space for things to breathe. Keep the items of a similar tone will then create a harmonious feel and instant style to the room.

What style are you going for?

I don’t like to be too formal with my style, I prefer a minimal touch with a few pieces of laid back vintage and crafts pieces, it makes my home feel relaxed and welcoming. Whatever your style it’s important to think about what you want and what you’d like to convey.

Choosing the right furniture for your space

Choosing the correct size furniture is incredibly important together with quality. Being too cautious of furniture sizes can run the risk of buying furniture too small resulting in a room that isn’t balanced well. Be bold, make sure the furniture fits but generally, you CAN go bigger.
Taking this into account this brings me onto the furniture company I previously spoke about. Camerich gives you the option for many different sizes of sofas, perfect for getting your design right. I also found some great side boards and tables that’s just the right kind of inspiration that I’m looking for.


My next step within my pre moving project is to draw out my living room design, making sure that I’ve created space, balance and flow. I’ll be heading off to the shops too for more design inspo and generally getting all too excited about beautiful products.

H x

*This blog post was written in collaboration with Camerich, all words and thoughts are my own*


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