Kitchen design – It’s important to get it right

When thinking about renovating a home it can be overwhelming. It’s key to get the design right, choosing great quality products and recommended tradesmen, also be clear about your budget. Designing a kitchen is not something that homeowners do everyday, more likely one or two times for each property lived in.  So it’s no surprise that it is an area of renovation that can be very daunting.

The kitchen is the heart of a home and a space where we tend to spend a lot of time in. I’ve been reading a survey by Wren Kitchens about ‘Home Wrenovation‘, they say that out of all of the rooms in the house, 63.48% of homeowners spend the most money on kitchens. This doesn’t surprise me at all because lets face it, kitchens aren’t cheap and there are many elements to consider, the costs can soon creep up!

It’s important not to focus entirely on the budget as the design can suffer. Start with designing your dream kitchen, forget about money for a minute, what would your dream kitchen be like?

When you have the idea of your dream kitchen then it’s time to plan and research products within your price range. NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND!! If you only search for kitchens in your budget to get ‘inspiration’ I can guarantee that you’ll end up with a boring kitchen or one that doesn’t quite live up to your expectations. DESIGN FIRST, BUDGET LATER!

I’ve found some images of great kitchens that inspire me for my dream kitchen one day. Each example shows a functional kitchen with bags of style and ideas that don’t have to cost the earth.


Kitchen design - Hannah in the houseBrass handles look luxurious against the grey cupboard doors. The marble slabs give a big impact to a small space and very functional too! Image source –
DIY-backsplash_blackI found this DIY project on Stylizmo blog on how to make this super cool backsplash. This oozes with style, perfect when you’re on a tight budget and such a simple design solution. Image Source – Stylizmo Blog

Kitchen design - Hannah in the houseI chose this image because I wanted to show that kitchen walls can be dark without making the space feel cramped and dull. This creates warmth and gives character. Image source –

Kitchen design - Hannah in the house

I’m a big fan of a herringbone floor and this is beautiful! Many people choose a classic white kitchen, which is fine but it’s fun to add a splash of colour and go bold in the most unconventional way. Image source- Frenchbydesignblog

Kitchen design - Hannah in the houseI do love monochrome design that’s no surprise, what I like about this room is the detailing. The ceiling and floor being the same colour has a huge impact. If this ceiling was white then the entire room would look bland and the minimal kitchen wouldn’t look that special. This has created drama in the simplest of ways. Image source –

Kitchen design - Hannah in the house

Ply wood is a relatively cheap material and underestimated in terms of style. It’s been used in this kitchen very cleverly making the kitchen look quite expensive. When in reality the money was probably spent on just a few cupboards and a tap. Image source – Decoholic via DEKO

I hope this gives you some inspiration when considering your kitchen design.

H x

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