House tour of Danish stylist Gitte Christensen

Colour, texture, personality and style, this home of designer and stylist Gitte Christensen is a home I could quite possibly see myself living in. In fact I own a few of the same items as her, great minds and all that….01

10Interviewed on Danish online mag , Gitte give us insight how to achieve such a great decor (I did use Google translate so I apologise for the slight confusion in translation).

“Gittes top three decor tips:

1 Paint one wall in the living room or bedroom. It renews the room and gives the furniture a new life. Use completely dark green or gray / blue tones, or bright powder and pastel colors to suit the current trends with brass, plants and wooden furniture.

2 Bring nature inside. Use branches, leaves and berries in the vases – there is no need to buy expensive cut flowers grown in greenhouses and transported far. We have lots of fine and nice graphical stuff is just outside the door, and if you do not have can be borrowed in parks and forests.

3 Often shift out of the walls. Mix art, graphics, your photos and clippings – it helps to give a personal and informal touch. And it is much cheaper to replace on the walls than to buy a new sofa!”

02I am in love with this dark green colour on the walls. This Jieldé Loft floor lamp is a must for the shopping list too!



06The round black and white plate is a personal favourite of mine. I have a small collection myself, plus my Mum and Mormor used to collect Bjorn Wiinblad artwork and plates. Whenever I see his illustrations it put a huge smile on my face.

08Punches of colour really bring this home to life. It really does show that you can go bold with your colours and still create a room of style, peacefulness and comfort. Check out her Instagram, it’s so pretty!

SOURCE : Photos : Nicoline Olsen

Quote written by Kristina Mountain Branch Beyer


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