House Tour | Home of interior stylist, Mie Lerche

Hannah in the house images via Femin.dkYet another Scandinavian home I’m utterly drooling over. This is the home of  interior stylist and owner of Danish interiors company Lerche Design .

I feel that this house is a great example of combining design classics with modern design in a seamless manner. It may seem quite understated home but I wanted to show you that a well thought out living space can be both practical, simplistic and have a level of design integrity.

There’s something tranquil, cosy and effortlessly stylish about this home, plus who doesn’t want to jump on that GAN Magnas space sofa, ah dreamy. I can pick out all of the designer pieces here but that’s not the point. What I enjoy is the harmonious nature and flow of design throughout the house. White walls, wooden ceiling and floors and a monochrome interior styling with hints of greens. images via Femina images via Femina images via Femina images via Femina images via Femina images via Femina images via Femina images via Femina

Notes to take from this home :

  • Keep things simple, don’t clutter.
  • Natural materials in simplistic forms
  • Note all of the rugs and soft furnishings are of similar colour tone (monochrome) but to create interest they are of very different textures.
  • Hints of a natural green shade brings the outside in, also compliments any foliage in the house.
  • I love the black photo frames together with the black lamps and window frames, this gives an chic and stylish look.
  • Let the natural materials be natural and the man made materials look industrial.
  • Relax, it’s a home not a show home, make each room practical!


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