ELLE Decoration presents a night at the Nicole Fahri Showroom

Nicole Fahri has Homeware, who knew?!!! I feel like I’ve had my head in the sand for the past year, thankfully ELLE Decoration saves the day (again) and points me in the right direction.

At the Nicole Fahri showroom on Fulham Road we were treated to a night of wreath making, drinks and canapés while viewing the gorgeous home ware  alongside the equally stunning clothing. This interior collection is spread among the showroom styled in an almost effortlessly layered fashion.

I’m immediately impressed with the quality of the products and the warmth they bring to the fashion store. There was a great eclectic mix of textiles that looked like paintings, handmade ceramics, printed leather cushions, delicate glassware with irregular forms, a mix of furniture with even some antique finds. The range is vast (there’s so much more than I’ve mentioned),  I do encourage you to visit the showroom as the products need to be seen up close and personal.

The smell of the wreaths filled the store making us all feel quite Christmassy. I didn’t get chance to talk to many people as I was so focused on the products, however I did  briefly get the opportunity to speak to the Editor in Chief of ELLE Decoration to thank her for the event and introducing me to Nicole Farhi Homeware. Plus also being in the presence of Nicole Fahri herself was quite special.


Fierce faceted wolfs used for window display

Hand thrown ceramics, printed cloth place settings

Table made from old printers blocks

I totally fell in love with this cushion

Sumptuous table ware, colours are fab

Close up of the beading quality on a taupe cushion

I’m a sucker for a convex mirror, ooooo and look at the amber and grey glasses too.  

Wreath making, unfortunately I didn’t get chance to make one, it was very popular table!

Spot the Fahri, yeah yeah I’d never make it as a paparazzi but it’s still pretty cool.

To wrap it up, this home ware range is eclectic, high quality, beautiful materials (printed leather cushions looked like canvas!), stylish with a tribute to craftsmanship. I would like to thank ELLE Decoration again for the invite and hope to see more events in the future.

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  • Reply Tola November 22, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    I had a lovely time there yesterday as well… was lovely to meet Michelle and some of the Elle DECO UK team in person! My post abt the event would be up this evening..Thanks for sharing…and did you have some of the chicken?..they were amazeballs!lol

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