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Designing my awkward and temporary garden space [before]

designing an awkward garden space

I often talk about how when living in rented accommodation it can be it hard to make the space feel like it’s your own. Or even want to invest time in decorating it. That doesn’t only apply to the interiors but outdoor spaces too. Gardens can take a lot of work and knowing that you’ll likely be moving on in a year or two might not fill you with excitement to start a project.

But I have made it a mission this year to enjoy the outdoor space I have properly! Including to style it the way I would for any other room of the house. We’ve all heard the sayings “your garden is an extension of your home” and “treat it like it’s another room of the house” etc etc. SO I’m trying to take that on board. Though I the reason why I’ve been so hesitant in the past is because I have bigger plans for garden spaces. Much more architectural and ideas that I’m unable to do as a renter. But these grand designs in head can be put on hold until I buy my home (one day….). For now I’m focussing on the present and enjoying the space I have, which is quite awkward!

I’m very fortunate to have two outdoor spaces. A good sized front garden and small patio at the back. It seems like the houses in my area have the larger gardens facing south, which means the large garden space that I have is at the front of the house. Quite the opposite of what is the usual garden space, I think in the UK it would be quite common to park your car there but that would totally ruin the space and we’re also not allowed. Again I am not complaining as I still have outside space but it will just require a little more thought.

Starting with this front space. I’ve sat and thought what I want from the space. You should do this too. What do you want from your outside space?

  • A place to lounge
  • A place to dine
  • To grow herbs, grasses
  • Somewhere for Hansel to relax
  • Create the feeling of a private secluded garden even though it’s open to the street
  • Clean lines and contemporary feel while in a contained wilderness

Designing my awkward and temporary garden space [before]

not so inspiring hey, but the building is cool, I just need the garden to reflect that. 


After visiting the Skagerak showroom in Copenhagen and seeing their garden. I felt inspired by their homely wild garden in the city, with a casual yet refined style.  I’ve been lusting over on Pinterest the many amazing contemporary gardens with black painted fences and planter walls. All of which I’m unable to do here. HOWEVER the inspiration is there and the idea is to have items that I can take with me to the next place.

Back to my interior design ethos that I need to design the space to suit my needs. It should never be style over substance! As it would be very easy to get two long seats on either side (along each fence) for example, but as this is my entrance to the house I wanted to avoid it looking like a waiting area. This is to be cosy, multifunctional, contemporary and wild!

Designing my awkward and temporary garden space [before]

mood board items ; String lounge chair by Menu   |   Reform dining table by Skagerak   |   Wooden planters (no link this is a DIY project)   |   Edge pots by Skagerak   |   Mira armchair by Skagerak   |   Picnic table by Skagerak   |   Cushion and throw from Granite |   Lantern by Holmegaard

Ok so I’ve put it out there and I have started, soon to finish, this project is ever evolving and I can’t wait to show you the results of my garden space! Just as long as Hansel doesn’t eat all of my grasses before you see it.

H x


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  • Reply Vikki | Style&Minimalism July 29, 2018 at 8:43 am

    A lovely selection of products. I hope you can bring it together in your challenging space.

    Vikki xx

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