Dark rooms – Bringing an essence of excitement and drama

I’ve been thinking a lot about darkly decorated rooms lately and how they can be done with such style. Just because you use a dark paint or mass of dark furniture, does not mean that your room will shrink! I just think that with a little confidence you can create a dramatic and interesting interior.

The ‘queen of darkness’ Abigail Ahern is well known for her love of dark spaces. She brings them to life by a few simple rules, I’ve summarised these points but you can read her blog post here .

  • Paint the ceilings and walls in the same colour. Creating a grand and sophisticated room.
  • Layering accessories, this will  bring interest to the room and keep the eye wondering.
  • More than one source of lighting bringing warmth and avoiding that sterile feel that some rooms have.
  • Colour, bring in something dazzling like flowers, a bold rug, painting etc
  • Get furniture placement right. The room needs to feel balanced and NOT like a waiting room.



You can see here how those rules apply.


Here’s another pic from Abigail Ahern’s pad. I love the feel you get when you see these pics, inviting, realistic, inspiring and creative.

Below I’ve looked at some more dark spaces that also shout personality.

DavideLovatti-ElleDecoration-UK-03This room featured in Elle Decoration looks super luxurious. The wall/ceiling colour is beautiful, take a look at the lampshade and the colour compliments and almost blends into the wall, making us concentrate on the light rather than the shade.  And of course I’m a sucker for that parquet herringbone flooring.

melbourne home3

 This home in Melbourne celebrates pattern with the geometric wallpaper among the dark furniture.


 Calling all comic book geeks out there, take a page out of this book, you can still like Batman and have style. This home of Brazilian DJ truly celebrates his passions and interests from comics to KISS.


I think this lamp saves this room. The wall colour is beautiful too!

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