Cushions with serious style

Cushion design has taken serious turn to the world of cool. Who knew?!   The geometric trend is not going away anytime soon. We just can’t get enough of it, I know I can’t!


My love for a good cushion is kinda getting out of hand.  Using these beautiful cushions for my styling shoot with photographer Ola O Smit  make me squeal with joy.

These geometric/aztec cushions (above) designed by graphic artist Marianne Diemer  and made by her company Rouge du Rhin in France are utterly stunning.

Available from online store Theo-Theo

Further on my cushion quest I discovered the very talented UK designers Tori Murphy and Tamasyn Gambell .



From top left to bottom right

1. Dakota linen Cushion, Rouge du Rhin.  Available from Theo- Theo and also Folklore

2. Chevy Pearl/Linen, Tori Murphy. Available from Heal’s

3. Aztec cushion, pink, blue and yellow,  Tamasyn Gambell.

4. Broadway cushion, charcoal on black, Tori Murphy.

5. Chevy Cushion, Black/Linen, Tori Murphy. Available from Heal’s

6. Washita Linen Cushion, Rouge du Rhin. Available from Theo- Theo and also Folklore

7. Tie dye Cushion, House DoctorDK.

8. Aztec Cushion, Blue, purple, yellow, Tamasyn Gambell.

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