Colour trends for 2015 – Dulux and ColourFutures workshop

This week I was invited to an inspirational colour trends event hosted by Dulux and ColourFutures workshop in stunning Somerset House. The event was focused on the colour of the year for 2015 which is….. (drumroll please)……. COPPER BLUSH. This warming pinky orange copper tone compliments the major trends that ColourFutures workshop has identified for 2015.


Though you may have seen similar tones on the high street already with such accessories as Tom Dixon Eclectic range , also a big range in Habitat  too, 2015 will see a rise in this copper trend.

At the event a selected panel of global colour and design experts talked about this colour and key trends of 2015. Rebecca Williamson, Senior Colour Design & Content manager at Dulux comments “Great on its own, the colour also combines perfectly with pinks, neutrals, whites and other orange hues, as well as metallic colours such as gold. It so beautifully compliments wood tones and can be brought to life by flesh pinks and earthy tones of clay“.
ColourPanelThe event then flowed into multiple rooms styled with the key trends in mind and crazy paint effects. These were fab and gave me so many ideas to push the boundaries in layering and paint effects. The main message that came across to me was to have fun with colour and style.

layer and layer trendcopper-blush-15copperblushlivingroomColourtrend15Trends2015dulux

These key trends in brief;

Big Nature + Small Me – Influenced by the outdoors, natural elements featuring strong hues. A new minimalism with strong colours and natural wood, stone and canvas.

Layer + layer – Pastel colour palette, multi layered, patterned and used in groups of colours.

Unseen spaces – This trend celebrates utilising spaces that are often unused or unappreciated.

Him + Her –  This ‘trend’ is supposed to “embrace the differences of gender“, “celebrate the differences of men and women“. Sorry to be controversial but I have issues with this trend which I will divulge further into this post. I think it’s important that I voice my opinion, having integrity with my blog  is important to me.

Friendly Barter – A bold palette, rich colours and intricate patterns. It’s a fun colour blocking style trend with bold earth tones.

Ok so to explain a little about my issue with the ‘HIM + HER‘ trend. Here is the exert that describes the trend.

“As we seek and attain greater gender equality both in the workplace and at home, so we are learning to celebrate our uniqueness. Confident in our own skin, there is a growing trend towards celebrating the best of each sex; in the importance of difference as well as equality.

Men and women are both flourishing in this exploration of the distinctiveness of their gender – while also acknowledging how the masculine and the feminine can complement each other. After the trend for androgyny in fashion, men and women are increasingly being encouraged to play on the traditions of masculinity and femininity.”  “They no longer feel they have to mimic male traits in order to succeed in the office, because they are no longer operating in a patriarchal world.” (READ MORE)

To unpick this, it suggests that men and women are seen as equal genders as if patriarchy is over?! Glorifying the archaic gender roles that men like the colour blue and smoke fish and women like pink and revel in femininity because “they are no longer operating in a patriarchal world’ is beyond offensive. The fact is, patriarchy is not in the past, it’s very present. Women are still fighting for equality, being abused,  paid less than their male counterparts, judged by looks and body image, referred to in negative terms (like a girl), oh the list goes on.

In some ways I can see the intent for this trend may not have been to offend. There is a massive confusion between feminism and femininity. Celebrating a difference is a good thing but confusing it with archaic gender roles comes across contradictory and insulting.

The colour palette is beautiful but it’s the context behind the trend that I have issues with.

Ok rant over, breathe, back to the event…….

Material Lab curated a room filled with various samples of wood, glass, tiles, fabrics etc All to represent each trend. Then the event continued into another room where we could play with paint! I painted a little bird house decoration, maybe not in the spirit of colour trends I went for black paint (no i didn’t choose pink), monochrome is a complete obsession of mine. I briefly met Max McMurdo , designer and upcycler ,who chatted about the new Cuprinol colours for the garden, the perfect paint to upcycle some tired garden fences and furniture. I painted my monochrome bird house decoration with this paint, it’s great.


It was a fun evening and left me buzzing with ideas. Although I may have slammed one trend, I do love all of the colour palettes, looking forward to the relaxed tones of 2015.

H x

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    Here here!! Totally agree with you on HIM+HER. Love that Bed…. want…. to…. sleep…. there… now!

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