Chelsea Flower Show 2012 Craft Contribution

I’ve recently been looking into joining the Shoreditch Sisterhood WI, I live in the East End of London heard about this funky W I group, I found out that the Shoreditch Sisters needed some help for their latest project. Knitting squares and rectangles for this years Chelsea Flowers Show entry by Diarmuid Gavin.

These will be used in part of the colossal installation of his seven storey Westland Magical Tower Garden. The knitted and crocheted pieces will be wrapped around some of the scaffolding poles that create this structure. This seemed like a pretty perfect project and I was desperate to do some knitting and join in.

After contacting them, I found the Shoreditch Sisters to be very welcoming and were more than happy for my knitting contributions. Here’s my knitting…

The Westland Magical Garden is a retreat for garden lovers, a green plot in the city for planting fruit, vegetables, shrubs, herbaceous perennials and seasonal flowers in containers. The garden is pyramid-shaped and comprises seven terraces of planting at different levels.

Trees (including birch trees) grow upright in multi-level planting boxes linking the terraces together, alongside trailing climbers that have been released from their trellis and bamboo canes.

The ground-level section is a shaded garden with formal, elegant planting including ferns, hostas and clipped Buxus sempervirens in terracotta urns. A staircase and elevator provide transport to the higher terraces, while a stainless tubular slide offers the opportunity of a rapid and adventurous descent.

The design is enhanced by a series of garden buildings, from humble sheds to greenhouses.

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I know that these knitted squares are only a tiny tiny feature in this overwhelmingly large garden project but they are in there…..somewhere 🙂

SPOTTED!!! A few of my knitted pieces

Chelsea Pensioners standing to attention

More images to follow………

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