A creative and industrial studio in Stockholm


It’s my dream to have an industrial, warehouse-style studio to work in. I’m a true believer that if you have an inspiring workplace then you will feel more creative and be more productive. While I was looking for inspiration for my home studio I stumbled across this gem.

What a dream space! Owned by Sara Bergmanan, illustrator of children’s books and the creative talent behind Swedish design concept store and agency, Love Warriors. This studio is seriously stunning, to read more about Sara setting up this studio click here.

I’m impressed by how Sara has made a what potentially could be a unusable empty cold space into a welcoming dynamic space with functional zones and a relaxing atmosphere (which is a tough thing to do when designing a workplace).  I was looking through these images and my eyes did not stop wandering, even though this space looks super simple, it’s actually packed with detail. Every surface, zone, product and function has been well planned plus it looks so nice!


I’ve taken some great inspiration from this studio and broken it down into a few key points.

Interest. Introduce architectural elements and items of intrigue. I really love the use of reclaimed windows to separate areas and let the light flow through the space. Mood board walls are fun and creative too.

Light. Add various forms of lighting, pendants, lamps of all kinds and candles.

Plants. Greenery always softens any space, especially spaces that have lots of hard surfaces.

Multifunctional. A creative space should never look like a typical ‘office’, for me, it’s soul destroying.  Yes it is an office in function but I don’t think that there’s any inspiration in an office like the typical one desk, one filling cabinet scenario. If you can’t sit back and appreciate your surroundings then that’s one huge fail. Can you walk over to an area to read, research or relax? Is there space to work other than in front of the computer? Multifunctional spaces are creative and make for a much more organised and inspired place to work.

Texture.  Bring various forms of texture to warm a space and making it tactile and interesting.

I can’t wait to redesign my studio office now and I hope you felt inspired too!

H x

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  • Reply Abi | These Four Walls blog March 18, 2015 at 10:14 am

    What a beautiful space – so moody and inspiring. I love the swathes of exposed brick.

    • Reply Hannah March 25, 2015 at 6:40 pm

      Yeah it’s super pretty, I wish I had a space like that. Very inspiring.

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